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Exhibition dates: February 21 – March 14, 2014 
Jurors:  Josh Azzarella, Lydia Grey, John Harford, Kelly Oliver, Ann Tsubota 
Preview Screening: Friday, February 21 4:30-5:30 pm
Artists’ Talk:  Friday, February 21  5:30 – 6:30 PM 
Reception:  Friday, February 21 6:30 – 7:30 PM 
Click HERE to see photos from the Opening!

Ana B.
Dave Beck
 Sarawut Chutiwongpeti 

Angeles Cossio
Anabela Costa
Erik Deerly
Santiago Echeverry
Heather D. Freeman
David Miranda Hardy
Yintzu Huang
Jonathan Johnson
Robert Knight
Doris (Chia-Ching) Lin
Justin Lincoln

 Ian Markiewicz
 Jeremy Newman
 Noam Osband
 Lisa Maria Patzer
Ellen Pearlman
Nuno M. Pereira
Liz Rodda
Etta Roebig
Jean-Michel Rolland
Sausan Saulat
Joanna Smolarczyk
Matt Swift
Chris Vecchio
Jing Zhou  

cursingcaleb still image

Works included in both the installation and screening room program:


Ana B. and Nuno M. Pereira
run time 3:03
The video Continuum was awarded the 3rd prize at
the Digital Big Screen Festival 2013, Slovenia



Smorgasbord (After Per Lysne)
Dave Beck
run time 2:10
Created during a residency at the Lanesboro Art Center,
Smorgasbord represents how cultural traditions and values
depend on reinvention and rebirth, so that they may survive
(and perhaps even flourish) for future generations. While an
animation is usually considered the final representation of the
work, I also consider this time-based piece a documentation
of my focus on creating the end (bloomed) state, similar to
how a rosemaling artist might approach their own process
and craft.


untitled wishes dreams lies

Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams)
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
run time 1:30
My goal is to investigate the expressive possibilities of conceptual
visual language and to develop Collaborative New Art as part of
both Contemporary Art/Contemporary Global Structure and the
Technological Civilization in which we live today. I am especially
interested in finding out how contemporary art can enhance the
distribution of information and foster a profound universality in
the human nature and cross-cultural artistic and critical collaboration.


small event in the landscape fan

Small Event in the Landscape (making it windy)
Angeles Cossio
run time 3:16
Creating playful interventions with common household items
in the landscape I explore multiple facets of my relationship
with the natural world. It is a relationship that leaves me
grappling with the desire to connect with something larger
than myself, accompanied by a sense of absurd failure that
often results from my attempts at connection.



Anabela Costa
run time 10:40
Landscape, is what can be seen, and not in physical terms
but as an outward expression of human perception: "a landscape
is a cultural image, a pictorial way of representing, structuring
or symbolising surroundings", so it will always be a personnal
take over an area of land, of human elements buildings or
structures with a cultural and aesthetic dimension.


cursing caleb

Cursing Caleb Weatherbee (in a Tornado) from the Cellar
Erik Deerly
run time 5:14
Does an F3 tornado have a narrative beyond the obvious
destruction? Manipulated sound and image are used to
present a unique perspective, allowing the viewer a personal
entry point into the storm.



Santiago Echeverry
WATERFALL explores the possibilities of using a webcam as the
main tool for interaction in a spatial installation. Using frame
differentiation, the outline of any moving object is clearly determined
with high accuracy, causing a response on a variable amount
of three dimensional particles that behave as a waterfall.



Heather D. Freeman
Denisovan is a fictional imagining of a girl who died 40,000
years ago, published as an animated and interactive Android,
iPad and iPhone App which may be downloaded at
http://denisovan.blogspot.com. It is inspired by the genomic
mapping of a contemporary of early humans and Neanderthal,
the denisovan hominin.  A tooth and finger bone from a single
individual were found in a cave in Siberia, and paleogeneticists
were able to determine that they had discovered a whole
new hominid.


 troupe de fetishe

Troupe de Fetishe (xs)
David Miranda Hardy, Doris (Chia-Ching) Lin, Ian Markiewicz,
Lisa Maria Patzer,Chris Vecchio
Troupe de Fetishe tells the story of Oskar Vanderwold, an eccentric
"tinkerer" who manipulates and cares for a troupe of flea circus
performers. His ornate flea circus is a hand constructed miniature
model that fits inside an antique cigar box. It is a macabre world of
surreal spectacle, adorned with a series of miniature circus attractions
complete with chariots, a trapeze swing, a high dive, and a ring of fire.



Yintzu Huang
run time 2:23
This is a single channel video about the relationship between
human beings and the mother nature. By using hair as the
metaphor to represent the greedy power of people and
how they destroy and occupy the motherland. Meanwhile,
inspired by the asian horror movies, the movement of the
growing hair also give the views anxiety,an uncanny feeling.

contemplating mountain funeral

Contemplating the Mountain Funeral
Jonathan Johnson
run time 5:22
Contemplating a Mountain Funeral" combines a spoken
story about a funeral in the Appalachian region of the
United States with imagery shot in northern Iceland.
The contrast between the sound and image content
give way slowly, as the fog of the mountains fuses with
the simple, yet mesmerizing story of life, death and spirits
that transcend them both.



  in Gods house

In God's House
Robert Knight 
Three Channel Video Installation
Religious culture in America is constantly in flux, perhaps
never more so than in the last 50 years during which our
society has gone through a dramatic social shift toward
greater secularism and simultaneously has experienced the
arrival of numerous immigrants of Muslim, Buddhist and
Sikh backgrounds. In God’s House focuses on three
religious congregations in central New York (two Christian
and one Muslim) to examine how these communities
have adapted.



 Blogmix image

Blogmix (Center Pixel Prototype)
Justin Lincoln
run time 3:30
Samples the very center pixel color and obscures the majority
of each frame with that pixel. Because there is a lag time as it
runs video the center color sometimes samples the center of
a previous image. In this case I am using one of my blogmixes.



Jeremy Newman
run time 1:00
This video is an abstract creation story. The aesthetic
promise of abundance is countered by dissonance.



searcy county

Searcy County
Noam Osband
run time 6:22
I'm a Northerner, a Boston-bred Jew.
But, somewhere along the way,Arkansas became my second home.
I've spent years living in Arkansas,and this little Arkansas county
now feels very familiar to me. I have passed this livestock auction
house many times - it's just off of the county's one traffic light -
and I had always wanted to film it. One day, I finally brought my
camera and.........well, I just hope I created a piece that is respectful
and honest, a view into a little-known world through the eyes
of an outsider.


  surveillance image

 Surveillance Siddhi
Ellen Pearlman
run time 5:50
Increased use of technologies, big data, algorithms, surveillance,
monitoring and tracking questions what it means to be human in
terms of privacy, individuality, authority, and the State. Using
robotized voices, enhanced visual processing, and haunting
imagery these issues are explored in a dialog between law
enforcement and a single individual in Surveillance Siddhi. A
siddhi is a mystical clairaudience and clairvoyance, powers
now enabled due to enhanced technologies.

 death drive

 Death Drive
Liz Rodda
run time 7:37
In his essay, "Beyond the Pleasure Principle," Freud describes
death drive as a force that makes us behave in ways that
counter Darwinian self preservation. *Death Drive* consists of
two YouTube videos shown side-by-side. On the left is a car
driving smoothly through the Grand Canyon. On the right, a
driverless car is stuck in reverse and circles continuously. The
accompanying audio, sampled from a warped LP, suggests
both decay and ceaseless repetition.



Etta Roebig
run time 8:33
Pace is about timing sequences that show a "push" and "pull"
of direction to associate to syncopated experiences in life.
My daughter says it inspires meditation.


 the race

La Course (The Race)
Jean-Michel Rolland
run time 3:45
The rhythme of five race horses.  Shot in Marseille Borély,
this video tribute to Muybridge, doesn't try to take the
public into the universe of racetracks but rather to communicate
the frenzy felt during the break-neck speed of this painful race.


 land escapes

Land escapes
Sausan Saulat
run time 1:15
Serving as an intersection between the strife and intermittent
hope countries checkered by violence face, the piece is an
ode to my city of Karachi, Pakistan. Using captured footage
juxtaposed with stop-motion abstractions, tranquil moments
are chronicled amidst staged unrest.




Mutuality (Wzajemność)
Joanna Smolarczyk
run time 6:30



 city lights

City Lights - Columbus
Matt Swift
run time 2:38




 Living Mandala: The Cosmic of Being
Jing Zhou
Living Mandala is an exploration in uncharted territories of
the human soul sculpted by our present time. This interactive
revolving graphical system signifies our perceptions of life
(microcosm) and the universe (macrocosm), our connections
to ancient mythology, cosmology, and cultural heritage, and
the relationships among mankind, science, technology, and
nature in a globalized society. Merging rich historical, cultural,
and scientific imagery and symbols with real-time data and
relaxing sound, this living organism alters every moment
responding to the movement, light, sound, and temperature
of its surroundings.


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