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The Video Show:  International Juried Video Exhibition 2009



Jozef Amado
Anthony Angelicola
Jen-Kuang Chang
Claire Condon
A. Jacob Galle
Michelle G. Given
JC Gray
Alicia Grullon
Ozgur Gungor
Sachiko Hayashi
Michelle Herman
Jim Jeffers
Christine Kennette
Tony Kennette
Antonio Martinez
Yoko Nogami
Maggie Nowinski
Sebastian Neubauer
Joseph Ostraff
Dot Paolo
Paul Riker
Alison C. Safford
Celine Tomas
Attila Urban  


running time 3:12
Jozef Amado, Sebastian Neubauer, Attila Urban


A home-made movie about a journey to a hidden island. Thenarrator recites a poem in the language of this distant landaccompanied by the images  of the journey. ( ..threefilmmakers, three minutes; two director of photographers, onesuper-8 camera, one roll of kodak super-8 revesal ektachorme64 film, one language: Peneli Palms .)

Anthony Angelicola/Paul Riker
running time: 8:50

Cubicle Revisited deals with the transformation of real-world soundscapes into abstract musical environments. The listener is inserted into a vividly portrayed office environment. Certain sounds begin to take on unrealistic characteristics before the entire scene is transformed into a more abstract musical place. 

Drishti III 
*Jurors Choice Winner
running time 7:24
Jen-Kuang Chang 
  videoshow09dristi1  videoshow09dristi2
“Drishti III”, a term describing visions one experiences during meditative states, employs both computer-generated and sampled sounds are incorporated as to achieve the intended variety of sonic landscapes to match the vivid, but delicate visualization.  By presenting this composition, the composer invites listener to actively contemplate one’s Self and the interaction between Self and the immediate surroundings that might be fallacious and misleading to one’s true understanding of inner divinity. 

Let’s Meet for Coffee 
*Jurors Choice Winner 
running time 8:49
Claire Condon
Let’s Meet for Coffee was inspired by the artist’s own experiences with internet dating during the winter of 2008.  Images of anonymous coffee-shop patrons are combined with text gathered from the Kansas City Craiglist’s Casual Encounters section.  The piece examines our sense of morality and our morbid fascination with the personal matters of strangers. 

I Want to Hear the Last Days of the Earth 
*runner-up Best in Show
running time: 2:10
A. Jacob Galle
While I Want to Hear the Last Days of the Earth is considerably different from much of my performative video work, I feel strongly there are ties between the use of the landscape, the industrialization of manual labor, and mediation.  There is an ambiguity and voyeuristic quality to the piece, as if seeing something one perhaps shouldn’t be seeing, bringing out the issues of our future energy needs, safety, and environmental impact. 

Ice Cutting 
running time: 5:59
A. Jacob Galle

I perform acts of invented, unnecessary physical labor.  I create work – looking back to a time before the specialization of labor.  I investigate the idea of respect toward and within manual work, often in the natural environment as pioneers and frontiersman might have done.  Ice Cutting is one of these investigations.  It transforms the idea of the rural act of cutting ice from ponds for refrigeration into beautiful and absurd work.

running time: 1:20
Michelle G. Given

Through video I investigate the intricacies of sexual tension, specifically its attendant feelings of anticipation, frustration and anxiety.  I question what is more fulfilling or agonizing— never getting what one desires, or obtaining the object of one’s desire only to find that it did not meet one’s expectations?  In Chase, what are the goals of the participants— would satisfaction be achieved for the subjects or the audience if the actions were to be completed?  If so, how profound or superficial would that fulfillment be?  The video’s subjects exist in a state of limbo, working towards or waiting for a culmination of their actions, a release that never comes.  

An Authoethnographic Study:  The Bronx 
running time 14:28
Alicia Grullon
An Auto Ethnographic Study: The Bronx deals with housing changes occurring in the Bronx and its transformation which in some cases has been revitalizing but at the same time, it runs the risk of displacement, devastation, and anonymity.  The project investigates communities’ interconnection through place.  It has been an opportunity generating dialogue engaging different people from various economic and cultural backgrounds defining New York City regarding the cost of living here.  This work has been made possible, in part, by the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, supported by Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts.

running time 1:00
Ozur Gungor
Unveil, the phenomenological identity of a clear plastic sheet is juxtaposed with the ostentatious visual language of the mainstream cinema. The plastic sheet in the video adopts a temporal dimension that has been appropriated from the popular cinema, in which extravagant visual and audio effects amplify every detail, and transforms into a cinematic spectacle that is mysterious and absurd. The piece sustains an epistemological gap between the moving image and its source that becomes only larger as the time goes, and the story remains unresolved.

Yoyogi Park: The Mundane Impressionable  
running time: 4:41  
Sachiko Hayashi

The Mundane Impressionable is a video series which explores themagical moment in which the ordinary becomes extraordinary in ourmundane life. A forgotten memory of the truth that life resides inthose forgettable moments of human activities.

running time: 2:28
Michelle Herman 
My film entitled "Healing" is commentary on ideas ofhealing both physically and emotionally. In this 16mm film(transferred to video), a mother-type figure performs a ritualisticprocedure, almost obsessively, while narrating her recollection ofhaving to perform it.  At first glance, it appears almostdocumentary-like but quickly turns from non-fiction to the surreal.The audio mimics the repetitive nature of the act that is beingperformed and serves to enhance the surreal quality of the video.  

A.R.T. Applied Research andTechnology
Michelle Herman 
My installation began after creating several stop-motion films,which studied the behavior of dripping ink and the fractal-likepatterns that resulted. In creating these films, I began to thinkof the forms as growing, living organisms that abstractlyrepresented the essence or force of chance, as each ink-blot grewand behaved unexpectedly each time I repeated the"experiment." I then created the interactive laboratoryas a way to not only showcase these films but also to allow viewersto interact and 'analyze' these experiments in a similarway. 

Futon Drawing(Corpus Sine Sanguine) 
*Jurors Choice Winner
running time: 6:44

Jim Jeffers


"Futon Drawing (corpus sine sanguine)" is a study on the personal physio-mechanical transposition of soft bulk, tucking an old futon embedded with the stuff of life, solo up and into a home; corpus sine sanguine, a body without blood. 

running time: 4:04
Tony and Christine Kennette


 A man confesses and pleas for forgiveness as he struggles through a very unfortunate occurrence in which his instincts guided him to choose an even more conflicting path.  

Near the Egress  
*Best in Show
running time: 5:30 
Antonio Martinez




'Near the Egress' is a phantasmagoric memory of the circus, as experienced by the aging and restless mind. The viewer shares a front row seat to the sight and sounds of marveling men, women and beasts as they perform extraordinary feats of movement in suspended time.Originally shot on 35mm b&w photo film, each frame of the moving circus was later printed, and ultimately, processed as a dry-plate tintype which was scanned and digitally re-sequenced to make a moving-image piece about memory and reverence for the spectacle.

Yoko Nogami

videoshow09nogami1    videoshow09nogami2  

What is home? My transient life has pretty much made me void of one place I can call "home". There are snippets of nostalgia in every place I have lived.  I know streets of many different cities yet none seem to me the home befitting. Lack of commitment to a place?  Missing opportunities that come by?  Fleeting moments, times wasted, or are they? 

Maggie Nowinski/JC Gray

    videoshow09nowinski1   videoshow09nowinski2

In 2008, collaborators Maggie Nowinski and JC Gray created three different site-specific installations that addressed notions of past and present, subjectivity, architectural space, institutional signification, history and the subconscious. Each installation was unique, responding to each individual site. 

running time 1:37

Joseph Ostraff


 This project is in response to personal histories, genealogical research, and DNA testing on both my maternal and paternal lines. I am connected to all peoples mentioned in the project either through direct ancestral lines as recorded in family genealogies or through a significant number of DNA markers shared as revealed through a basic DNA test.

Prelude:  A Demonstration of Four Greetings
Joseph Ostraff 


This project focuses on the theme of civility and initialgreetings used to transport oneself from stranger to friend. It ismy intention to question ideas about forms of physical contact andsocial protocol in an attempt to renegotiate the concept ofcivility. These greetings include the Hongi or pressing ofnose and forehead together (Maori), the Bise or kiss oneach cheek (French), the Ojigi or bow (Japanese), and thehandshake. 

Does Her Mother Know She's Here?  
running time: 4:48

Dot Paolo
My niece Bridget has been the inspiration for many of my latest videos.  I combine real life events with toys, specificallyBarbie, that portray a more distorted version of a child'splay and imagination.

Alison C. Safford
videoshow09hover1 videoshow09hover2

In my work I explore stoppable moments, where events sit on the edge of occurrence, but are stopped through a trick, twist, or some form of constriction. In Hover I examine the split second between indecision and decision.  Entrapment occurs simultaneously with initial moments of flight and motion. By interrupting the linear act of a bird taking to motion, Hover dissects the narrative, focusing on the lack of resolution of seemingly simple acts. 

The Prayer 
running time: 1:00

Celine Tomas  

An abstract representation of different life experiences and acts.

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