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The 2011 Video Show:  International Juried Video Exhibition February 18th - March 18th

Opening Night: Februrary 18, 2011, Video showing at 4:30, Artist Talk 5:30, Reception 6:30 - 8:00 PM  

 Donald Ambroziak
 Jeremy Chen
 Andrea Chung
 Belinda Haikes
 Jim Jeffers
 Justin Lincoln
 Bill Macholdt
 Georg Muehleck
 Jeremy Newman
 Sylvia Niebruegge
Charmaine Ortiz
 Eric Pellegrino
 Jordan Perkins-Lewis
 Rick Salafia
 David Sananman
 Jon Shumway
 Jennifer Steensma Hoag
 Roberto A. Terrones
 Ian Thomas
 Jacqueline Weaver
 Genevieve White
 Eun Woo Cho
 Ezra Wube


  Nebulous Waves 
running time 3:30
Donald Ambroziak


Nebulous Waves is a study of motion, light, and reflection.  


 Agatha Tears and Zwayon  
*Juror's Choice Award Winner
Andrea Chung
running times: 2:25 and 3:11


Agatha Tears
Agatha Tear is about seeing and unseeing. I peel and tear into the foundation of the seen, hoping to discover what lies beneath, whether supporting structures or earlier layers. The continuous loop of the animation simulates the unmaking and remaking of the “real,” Caribbean, and heightens the notion that you cannot forget what is underneath the façade even when neatly pieced back together.  


Although Shakuntala Hawoldar’s poem  To Be A Woman, speaks of the body as a used, characterless, and domesticated object whose only means of escape is to sleep, I find her poem ill fitting of many of the women I met in Mauritius. In Zwayon, I am interested in the ambiguity of the women’s tears. Each woman is placed in the same environment and responds according to their individual personalities. I ask the viewer to question the causes and sincerity of each woman’s response.



 Sisyphus Redux 
running time 1:43
Jeremy Chen  


I had never witnessed this behavior in a housefly before but have recorded this crude evidence of its futile movements. It may be a new subspecies Sisyphus musca domestica.



running time 1:01
Belinda Haikes  


In Nick Cave's book, and the Ass saw the Angel, The main character relates an
old folk saying: One Crow is a Stranger.Two is Danger Three is a summons from God.
I always liked this idea. The simple forewarning of things to come becomes a foreboding 
moment filled with anxiety and beauty.

 Bias of Quality... and Hating Loving You: California
performance and video works
running times: 3:24 and 1:13
Jim Jeffers 


“Bias of Quality: Pros and Cons of Globalization (antecedent) (38 of 52 for 2010)”
This video is part of project 52 for 2010 in which I created a video / performance per week for the 52 weeks of 2010.  This video is week 38 and deals with global culture through observation and utilization of pocketknives; one Swiss made the other a Chinese made simulacrum.  The antecedent version is an excerpt dealing only with bottles of South African wine.  


“Hating Loving You: California (31 of 52 for 2010)” 
This video is part of project 52 for 2010 in which I created a video / performance per week for the 52 weeks of 2010. This video is week 31 and explores a tight compression of a trip to California and the lingering feeling I have for California; I desire and long for the place, simultaneously working and seemingly untenable or attainable.


 Color Grid on Black 1 and Blogmix 11/07/2010
running times: 2:33 and looped video in gallery space
Justin Lincoln


Color Grid on Black 1 is a formal exercise using the programming language Processing.  


Blogmix 11/07/2010 is a part of an ongoing series of videos that uses the internet blogging platform Tumblr as a source for visual montage. Screen capture as mash-up.



 Deep Water 
running time: 3:33
Bill Macholdt  


The impetus for “Deepwater” arose from the destruction of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the Macondo well blowout and the ensuing oil spill during the Spring and Summer of 2010. This piece serves as a remembrance of those events and memorializes the 11 people on the drilling rig who lost their lives as a result of the accident. 

running time: 1:53
George Muehleck and Sylvia Niebruegge


"CELL-CELL" has been realized through an art/science research collaboration with the
approach of combining nature with simulation. In reality we are unable to produce cultures of two
different systems such as an organic culture and a computer generated cell culture, which can
support each other. We are not even sure whether we would like to produce such a set of cultures.  


 The Vase
running time: 1:00
Jeremy Newman 


A mysterious young woman clips off sunflower heads, wrecking havoc on a vase of crickets. The desperate, yet graceful movements of the insects are a silent plea against environmental degradation.  


  TYB Gesture
running time 1:00
Charmaine Ortize


TYB Gesture explores the variety of line present within a natural environment. It also seeks to bring an assocative awareness to the sound of creating lines to our constuctive perception of the landscape.


  Media Meltdown  
looped video in gallery space  
Eric Pellegrino  


I am interested in the glitch, and find wonder in what others call broken. 
I believe that glitches occur in all realms including cognitive, physical, digital, and analog.

 Know Place in Particular  
running time: :31 
Jordan Perkins-Lewis 


Know Place in Particular is a study of the dynamics of movement in an urban environment. Pedestrian activity from video shot on Market Street is combined with footage of the iconic cable cars of San Francisco through experimental animation.  



running time: 2:15 
Rick Salafia


This video, Run, is a montage of two Pulitzer Prize winning photographs; Burst of Joy by Slava Veder, taken March 17, 1973 at Travis Air Force Base in California, and a photograph of  nine year old Kim Phúc fleeing the village of Trang Bàng, South Vietnam, taken by Nick Ut on June 8, 1972.  



running time: 2:25

David Sananman


Flyer" is a playful, meditative, and organic abstract animation accompanied by
experimental electro-acoustic music. Created by combining direct intentionally
drawn imagery with software processed interpolations, it explores the transformation
of color, line, space, sound and motion to evoke an experience in another dimension.

 Interior/Exterior: Klein Bottle 
*Juror's Choice Award Winner
John Shumway and Ian Thomas


Interior/Exterior: Klein Bottleis a sculptural form combined with image and video projection.  The work employs the use of the Klein Bottle form, which is a spatial extension of the Mobius Strip, a form whose surface has only one side and is continuous.  Through the form of the Klein Bottle and the imagery projected upon it, boundaries are tested, diffused and broken down.  The projected imagery references interior and exterior spaces as well as forces that impress or express influence upon the surface from either internal or external sources.  In this work, the form, along with the conceptual references introduced by the projected imagery, serve to function as a metaphor for the continuum of time and space where boundaries are blurred and all potentially becomes one.  



 Nearly Five  
* Juror's Choice Award Winner
running time: 4:55 
Jennifer Steensma Hoag


In Nearly Five, Jennifer Steensma Hoag instructs her daughter not to open her eyes, the resulting dialogue between mother and daughter displays notions of control and obedience, manipulation and negotiation, authority and acquiescence.  



 Self Portrait 
running time: 2:23
Robert A. Terrones


A simplified version of the monotonous ritual that is my life.


 Triage: January 3, 2009, Gaza 
running time: 2:52
Jacqueline Weaver 


Triage questions the roles and responses of the American viewer to the idea of suffering, 
often an abstract or removed concept for a culture anesthetized by media, entertainment, and violence.  



performance and looped video in gallery space
Genevieve White


I wrap and mask my head with yarn until I cannot see, hear or breathe.  To lose and find a way to be free in life over and over again is necessary. This gesture of unraveling the mind is a symbol of saturation and a trap the mind can follow. The hope is that one can always get out.  In this performance, I aim at transforming the twine into a symbol for suppression and freedom coexisting.  All I can feel is the rope, the pressure, and my heartbeat as I pull stronger, faster, and slower and become covered and silent.  To blind myself to see if I am alive and to know how unraveling the line of our thoughts in life is necessary.  Slowing down to take the time to do so is what I’m learning.  



 Dasein/Being and Time No. 3 and Dasein/Being and Time No. 4
video installation 
Eun Woo Cho


My video works entitled "Da-sein/Being & Time No. 3 & Da-sein/Being & Time No. 4" are closely linked to the condition of human thinking. For example, how the human thinking process and reveal the various ideas of Being" into the space and time.

*Best in Show 
running time: 2:27
Ezra Wube


This animation is performed and documented directly from life to embrace the present. 
In this animation, I am using the window view from my studio, where an active scene of
construction workers creates the backdrop. By putting acetate on the glass of the window 
I am able to keep full transparency. I am using a brush dipped in temporary Sumi ink to 
construct each scene. Each painting is photographed with a digital camera, and then washed
away by water poured on the slippery acetate. As each scene is washed away, the unconscious
consumption of time is exposed. In this process the confinment to a singluar authenticity
is forever gone even thought it has been documented. The documentation serves as an indexical
vehicle which captures the past. The purpose of documentation is not to preserve, but to 
serve as a bridge, connecting the past with the present, the internal with the external. 


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