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Email@ RVCC

Everyone in the RVCC User Community has access to an RVCC provided e-mail account.   Faculty and staff e-mail is available via Microsoft Exchange/Outlook email, which is the official Administrative email system.  The Student e-mail system, called Lion Mail, is a Google hosted system that also provides access to 7 gigabytes of file storage, productivity, and collaboration tools.   Faculty also has access to Lion Mail, in addition to, the Administrative email system.  This provides them with an alternate way to communicate to students, should the main email system experience a service disruption.  All official email business is conducted through these two email systems.  For more information concerning each of these services use the links below:

    * Microsoft Outlook
    * Lion Mail  

Suggested reading for email accounts.

--> Lion Mail FAQ's    
--> Getting started with Lion Mail
--> Google Apps How-To's
--> Google Apps Status Dashboard
--> GNumber and Password 


How do l...

--> Computer Labs & Printing
--> Websites  
--> Software
--> Personal Computers             
--> Security 
--> Network           
--> Instructional Technology
--> Special Request     



Google Apps How-To's          

Below you will find links to Google's website for help using Google's apps, please see the Google Support site.

Note: RVCC Technology Services provides support for managing your lion Mail account. Technology Services Help Desk does not provide support for using the applications contained in the Google Apps.

    --> Google Apps Help Center
    --> Forwarding Lionmail Automatically
    --> Gmail
    --> Google Talk
    --> Google Calendar    
    --> Google Docs (Documents)
    --> Google Docs (Spreadsheets)
    --> Google Docs (Presentations)
    --> Google Sync (iPhone or iPod Touch)
    --> Google Sites  




RVTS Help Desk:

Telephone (24/7):
(908) 526-1200 x7887
(908) 333-4098 

Email: helpdesk@raritanval.edu        






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