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Wireless Network User Agreement

Raritan Valley Community College

User Agreement:

I have read Raritan Valley Community College’s (RVCC) Wireless Networking Policy. I recognize and understand that the College’s wireless networking systems are to be used in a manner that does not violate
the terms and conditions identified in this policy nor any local, state or federal laws or statutes.

As part of Raritan Valley Community College and use of RVCC’s gateway to the Internet and e-mail system, I understand that this Wireless Networking Policy applies to me. I have read the aforementioned document and agree to follow all policies and procedures that are set forth herein. I further agree to abide by the standards set in the document for the duration of my enrollment with RVCC. I may register only two devices at one time. I may substitute any device at any time. I understand that e-mail and Internet usage may be monitored by the College to ensure compliance with the Wireless Networking Systems Policy and the Computer Acceptable Use Policy.

I am aware that violations of this policy may subject me to disciplinary action, up to and including loss of computer usage privileges or loss of student status. I understand that this document can be amended at any time.

Wireless Access Request Form

Your form will be processed only if all blanks marked * are completed!

For students: Must be your Lions Mail (ex: jdoe1234@smail.raritanval.edu)
For faculty and staff: Must be your Outlook Mail (ex: jdoe@raritanval.edu)
Mac address is a 12-character unique identifier of your device.
(ex: 00:23:A9:f0:56:23 or 12-56-34-0A-80-b7)
If you need help finding this in your computer click here.
Please specify the make or model or Wi-Fi / MAC Address of any devices to be removed.


RVTS Help Desk:

Telephone (24/7):
(908) 526-1200 x7887
(908) 333-4098

Email: HDMACAdd@raitanval.edu  


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