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RVCC Mission Statements

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College Mission
Raritan Valley Community College is an educational community that works to develop critical thinking, foster intellectual curiosity, promote leadership, encourage social responsibility, support personal growth, and sustain engaged citizenship within a diverse population of students and community members. Academic Affairs Mission: To support RVCC’s greater mission by developing, offering, and assessing academic programs for transfer, for employment, and for lifelong learning in an environment conducive to student learning.

Academic Affairs Mission
To support RVCC’s greater mission by developing, offering, and assessing academic programs for transfer, for employment, and for lifelong learning in an environment conducive to student learning.

The Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs is the Chief Academic Officer of the College and provides the academic leadership and policy direction required to achieve the highest standards of excellence in instruction and academic programs. The Senior Vice President has direct responsibility for faculty, curriculum, instruction and assessment of all credit programs. In the capacity of Chief Academic Officer, the Senior Vice President assumes leadership of the College in the absence of the President.

Finance and Facilities Mission
The mission of the Finance & Facilities Department is to provide superior fiscal and managerial oversight for the College’s financial activities, campus facilities operations and auxiliary services. Fiscal responsibility is demonstrated by insuring that internal controls are in place and adequate to protect the College’s assets and that it is compliant with all laws, codes and directives of federal, state and local governments and agencies. These departments will deliver excellent service to students and staff and provide for a safe and healthy learning and work environment for the entire community.

Technology, Assessment & Planning Mission
To provide the necessary resources and services to meet the College community’s need for access to information, technology and research data as required to operate the business processes of the College and to provide instruction to our students. These resources and services are provided in a secure and easily accessible environment. The division also coordinates the College’s efforts in non-curricular assessment and institutional effectiveness.

The Vice President for Technology, Assessment & Planning is the Chief Information Officer of the College and provides the technology leadership and policy direction required to achieve the highest standards of excellence and efficiency in instructional technology and administrative systems.

HR & Labor Relations Mission
To work strategically with the diverse RVCC community in identifying and responding to its changing needs. We will provide leadership and guidance in the development, implementation, and equitable administration of policies and procedures, thus fostering a positive work environment.

The Vice President of Human Resources & Labor Relations is responsible for the Human Resource function on campus. The Vice President provides leadership and oversight for the human resources as related to strategic planning, policy formulation and administration, training and development, recruitment/hiring, benefits administration, compensation, human resources information systems, employee relations, labor relations negotiations and professional development for all of the employees of the College. The Vice President has full responsibility for the College payroll and tax reporting.

Student Services Mission
To provide service to students that foster success, clarifies goals and encourages students to grow as individuals.

The Dean of Student Services directs activities related to a comprehensive College-wide Student Services program. The Dean provides leadership in all areas of responsibility and ensures the most effective and efficient delivery of services with all student services and academic organizations consistent with the mission, vision and goals of Raritan Valley Community College. The Student Services Division leads the Student Services team in the development of a robust student development program and related outcomes and indicators.

Workforce Development Mission
To provide quality educational experiences to help individuals and businesses reach their highest potential. Through personal enrichment classes, professional development opportunities and workforce development programs, the Workforce Division offers exceptional opportunities for personal growth and development, and for improved business practices.

The Vice President for Strategic Programs and Development is responsible for the overall assessment, planning, management of resources, organization, and administration relative to the implementation and evaluation of the continuing education development and outreach programs of Raritan Valley Community College. This comprehensive responsibility includes customized contract training for business and industry in all fields, community services programming and educational outreach. In addition, the division is responsible for collaboration with the academic departments for the planning, development, budget, administration and evaluation of career technology programs to serve the professional development needs of the bi-county residents.

Advancement Mission
To promote and enhance Raritan Valley Community College's reputation as a quality institution noted for excellence and innovation.

The Vice President for Strategic Programs and Development collaborates with other RVCC departments to identify needs and promote student success. The Advancement Division is responsible for providing resources for scholarship; communicating to stakeholders the opportunities available at RVCC through marketing and recruitment efforts; partnering with business, non-profits, government agencies and other higher education institutions to extend educational opportunities, economic development and community service; and providing quality cultural/educational events through its institutes and the Theatre and planetarium.

Multicultural Affairs Mission
To provide leadership, coordination and information to assist departments, students and staff within Raritan Valley Community College in order to increase access and equity for historically underrepresented groups, improve campus climate by fostering an inclusive and civil community and cultivate diversity awareness and appreciation. In this role the office sponsors education and training programs that are responsive to the changing demographics and growing diversity. Moreover, the office works collaboratively to develop programs that support a strong sense of community among all students while promoting the academic mission of the College.

The Dean of Multicultural Affairs is responsible for leadership and direction in support of the College’s Strategic Plan, ensuring that the College continues to recognize and value the importance of diversity in our institution at all levels. The Dean is responsible for developing and building a network of resources in the College and the community that affect the administration of the institution, the faculty and the student body. The Dean envisions, identifies, develops and implements systems, policies and programs that provide the leadership in championing an inclusive community.

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