CISY 102 - Computer Literacy

Department Exam Info

Windows Vista:

Creating a folder on a flash drive


Manipulating a picture in Paint:

Rotating a picture
Resizing a picture

Word 2007 Topics:

Showing/Hiding non-printable characters.
Using styles
Modifying styles
Copying and Pasting
First Line and Hanging Indents
Formatting Bullets
Formatting Tables
Headers and Footers
Find and Replace
Mail merge
Save As
Importing Pictures
Page Border with Art
Document Properties
Working with Bibliography
Printing Document

Excel 2007 Topics:

Switching between workbooks
Selecting a group of cells
Formulas that reference cells
Absoulte Cell References
Functions: SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG, IF
Using functions
Formatting cells ( $ , % )
Conditional Format
Portrait Vs. Landscape
Pie and Bar Charts
Document Properties
Showing Formulas
Printing Spreadsheet

Access 2007 Topics:

Creating a database
Creating a table
Creating a primary key
Formatting columns (datatype, field size)
Inserting rows
Database Properties
Printing Datasheet View

PowerPoint 2007 Topics:

Beginning a new presentation
Changing views
Applying design templates
Adding graphics
Adding charts
Headers/Footers on Handouts
Manipulating shapes
Adding slide transitions
Adding speaker notes
Adding Custom Animation to pictures
Viewing a slide show
Document Properties
Printing Handouts (6 per page)