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Registration & Records

Print a Registration Form for Credit Courses
(please click here for NON-credit registration) 

Before you print and mail/fax this registration form:

  • Have you signed the form? 
    In order to process your registration, the form must be signed.
  • Have you checked for prerequisites? 
    Check the course descriptions. If prerequisites are required, and you have not completed those prerequisites at RVCC, then you need to provide proof that you have completed them elsewhere. Proof would include a grade report or an academic transcript.
  • Is it necessary to file an Application for Admission? 
    If you have attended RVCC in the past three years (and have not graduated from RVCC), then you are not required to file an Application for Admission. RVCC graduates, those who attended more then three years ago, and first time students are all required to apply for admission. You may do this via the web. Please contact the Student Enrollment Center at 908-218-8864 with any questions.
  • Have you completed the Tuition Calculator? 
    If you are unsure of your residency status, see the information on page 6 (course catalogue). If you are signing up for any courses that have an X in the section number, then don't forget to add the $60 lab fee.
  • Do you pay the Technology and Enrollment Services Fee? 
    If you are taking only online courses, these fees are waived. If you are taking any course(s) that are not online, then you pay both of these fees.
  • Are you signing up for more than 19c redits? 
    In order to do this, you must have a counselor's signature of approval on your Registration Form.
  • Are you faxing your Registration Form? 
    Remember to include your credit card information - payment musta ccompany the form in order for your registration to be processed. After you fax your form, keep the original for your records; do not mail it.
  • Do you have hospitalization insurance? 
    If you are taking 12 or more credits, you are required by NJ law to have basic hospitalization insurance. To participate in the RVCC student insurance plan, add the $22.50 student hospitalization insurance fee to your costs. If you have insurance, you must submit proof and sign an insurance waiver card (available in the Finance Office) or send a letter with your insurance company's name and policy number to the Finance Office. This must be done each semester.


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