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New Student Planning Guide - How To Build Your Schedule

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The following steps will help new students to build their first-semester schedule.  This process will be reviewed at your Raritan Orientation, Advising, and Registration Session (ROARS)


1. List the Developmental Classes  you need (from the purple placement sheet you receive at ROARS)

CRN (Course Reference Number)     Course (Subject and Course Number) Section (2-3 digits after course number)

  • If you need English I with workshop, Look for an L in the section numbers and choose the same section number for both ENGL 111 & ENGL 070.

2. List the college level courses you plan to take (from your program in the e-Catalog).  Review the General Education List to select courses for General Education Categories such as Social Science, Humanities and others.

CRN (Course Reference Number)     Course (Subject and Course Number) Section (2-3 digits after course number)

  • Nursing students should take any required Developmental English & Math courses, BIOL 124, and CISY 102
  • Full time students need at least 12 credits (developmental courses count towards full-time status and for financial aid)
  • Schedule lab science and specialized or limited availability classes first

3. Go to www.raritanval.edu—Click “Quick Links” and select “Course Schedules.” Select “Academic Courses” and then select the term. Select the subject you want to register for (e.g. MATH) and enter course number. Write down the 5-digit CRN number for the course you want to register for on your course schedule grid (p. 11). Be sure to record all the days and times for the classes you have selected.

4. Log into Lion’s Den and select the “Student Services” tab.

5. Click “Register/Drop Classes”- Enter all CRNs are the bottom of the screen—Click Submit.

6. Click Fee Assessment to view your tuition and fees.

7. Click Student Detail Schedule  to view your schedule.

8. Log out of Lion’s Den.

Developmental Courses & Registration Holds

If you are required to take developmental courses, there will be holds affecting future registrations and adding & dropping classes.  Students can view their Holds in Lion’s Den. In order to make changes to your schedule you need to meet with a First-Year Advisor 

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