SPRING & SUMMER Online Science & Technology

Welcome to STEAM courses at Raritan Valley Community College powered by Black Rocket, a national leader in tech-education. Choose any of the great cutting-edge courses in the link below with topics such as coding, game design, virtual reality and more.

Black Rocket courses will be in-class courses offered at RVCC starting in January. If classes need to be switched to an online format due to Covid-19 restrictions issued by the state or college, Black Rocket will transfer students to virtual classes. In-person classes that are transferred to online will run simultaneously at no additional cost. For any questions regarding this, please contact Program Manager, Sandile Manzini at Sandile.Manzini@RaritanVal.edu

Classes will be led by top teachers! Students benefit from participating in our wider Creator Corps™ community, but also have small group break out sessions with coaches. Whether in room or online, the Black Rocket motto is always Safe-Fun-Learn in that order! Watch for emails the week before camp with instructions to download software and meeting links. Jump-start your future in creative tech with Raritan Valley Community College and Black Rocket!

Click here for a list of classes and to register

For more information please email Sandile.manzini@raritanval.edu, 908-526-1200 x8454