NJ lpn to rn bridge programs

How to get into the Practical Nurse-Bridge to RN Program at RVCC

Students interested in pursuing the nursing program will initially be enrolled into the AS in Health Science degree as pre-nursing students. Students must complete the prerequisites in order to become eligible to apply for selective admission for entrance into the nursing program. Pending review of the selective admission criteria with ranking of scores and acceptance into the nursing program, the major will be changed to the AAS in Nursing/RN degree upon official notification of acceptance into the clinical nursing program.

Acceptance to the college does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. PNAD applicants do not have to be in county employees or residents, but PNAD students who live or work (full time or part time) in Somerset or Hunterdon county are given priority placement in the nursing program when clinical applications are reviewed.

RVCC Admission Requirements (Pre-Clinical PNAD major)

  • Completed an RVCC application with the intended PNAD nursing major and submitted the $25 application fee to the admissions office.
  • Submitted Final High School transcript showing official graduation date or proof of High School Equivalency Diploma to the admissions office. This is a NJ Board of Nursing requirement.
  • Submitted All official College Transcripts from all colleges you have attended to the registrar’s office and confirmed before handing in a clinical application that the transcripts were evaluated.
  • Submitted official transcript from the accredited LPN school to the admissions office. This must include a graduating GPA of 3.25/85% or higher to be eligible for the PNAD program – there are no exceptions.
  • Submitted required Immunization records according to the State of New Jersey, Department of Health requirements (for full time students) to the admissions office.
  • The student must hold a current, valid NJ LPN license.
  • All candidates must meet the RVCC Nursing Program Admission Requirements (see below) in order be eligible for admission into the nursing program.

Qualifying for the Admission List

Students must attend a Nursing Information Session to obtain current admission information and an Application to Clinical. Only applicants who have submitted an Application to Clinical to the Nursing program by December 20, 2019 for Summer 2020 will be considered for the summer course. PNAD applicants must have a complete RVCC application on file and meet each of the following requirements in order to be considered qualified for admission to clinical courses:

  1. Hold a current LPN license in the State of New Jersey
  2. Have the required average (85% or 3.25) from an accredited LPN program
  3. Complete college level laboratory courses in Anatomy and Physiology I & II with a grade of “C” or better within the past 5 years. Each course must be four (4) college credits.
    • Nursing program policy states: “A student shall be dismissed from the Nursing Program if they fail two required Science Courses, two Nursing Courses, or one Science Course and one Nursing Course with a grade of D, F, W, or AU after the 10th day of class.” This policy is amended for PNAD students. If a PNAD applicant received two grades of D, F, W, or AU in required science courses prior to completion of their LPN program, they will be admitted and granted one chance to succeed in the clinical program.
  4. Complete any developmental course required in reading and writing, including ESL (English as a Second Language) courses.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in mathematics through Elementary Algebra (MATH 022 and MATH 023 at RVCC). Intermediate Algebra is also recommended, but not required.
  6. Demonstrate computer literacy by successful completion of CISY 102, 103, 105, or equivalent. Applicants may take a proficiency exam for this requirement. This requirement must have been completed within seven (7) years prior to application. Older courses will not be accepted for transfer.
  7. Hold an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher at RVCC. Applicants with prior college experience only from a school other than RVCC must have an overall GPA of at least 2.75 from the last college attended. Those with a lower GPA may qualify by completing at least six credits at RVCC with an overall GPA of 2.75 or above.
  8. Complete the ATI PNP – Practical Nurse Predictor Test (formerly known as the LPN Step Test) with an acceptable score. The ATI PNP Test is offered twice each Fall semester, once in October and once in December, for students applying for the following summer. A PRE-PNAD major will be postal mailed and emailed to their RVCC student email this information in the beginning of the Fall semester. For the latest information about testing please contact Nadine Larson.
  9. Attend a Nursing information session to receive a clinical application.
  10. ALL students are required to complete criminal history background checks (CHBC) no later than 45 – 60 days before applying to the clinical nursing program. This is done in order to be authorized to attend clinical site rotations to fulfill clinical course objectives. This is a requirement of the clinical agencies and the New Jersey Board of Nursing for RN licensure and is intended to protect patients in all practice setting. It is important to know that if a student has an unfavorable criminal history, they will not be admitted to the nursing program. The results must be attached to the clinical application. In addition to the criminal background check, mandatory drug screening will also be required ONLY after the student is admitted to the clinical nursing program. Students with positive drug screen results will not be permitted to be admitted or continue in the nursing program. The cost of the criminal history background check and mandatory drug screening is the responsibility of the individual student.
  11. If a student is accepted to the nursing program, they will need to comply with all mandatory deadlines and requirements, including a mandatory Pharmacology Clinical Calculation testing period that will be given and/or disclosed to them within 21 days of the application deadline. A failing score on the exam will mandatorily require a student to take a Pharmacology Clinical Calculations class. Students not adhering to mandatory deadlines/requirements jeopardize their eligibility status in the program and could be removed from the program by the HSE Chairperson.
  12. Clinical agencies mandate immunizations for all individuals engaged in patient care. A student may be exempt from any required immunization if they have a medical contraindication or religious exemption. Failure to receive immunizations may prevent fulfillment of the nursing course objectives. The nursing department shall provide reasonable accommodations to those students whose medical conditions or religious beliefs prevent them from being immunized. However, failure to be immunized may prevent the student from meeting the nursing course objective, and therefore, jeopardizes the students’ successful completion of the course and nursing program.

When all of the above requirements are met, the applicant must submit the “Application to Clinical Nursing Courses”, including acceptable proof of residency, PNAD work history release form(s) and a clear criminal history background check done through Adamsafeguard, to the Nursing Office, (H-220) via postal mail. Application deadlines to the PNAD program are December 15, 2018 for Summer 2019 and December 15, 2019 for Summer 2020. Clinical applications are very specific and informative in regards to what needs to be attached to the clinical application, and what prerequisites and requirements must be complete before handing it in.

Admission to Clinical Nursing Courses (NURS 130)

Admission status will be postal mailed within 21 days of the deadline date to each applicant- please be sure your address on file with RVCC is correct and update in the LIONS DEN if needed. The ATI PNP test score and county residency determines the applicant’s number on the admission list. If more than one student qualifies on a specific date (e.g. the end of a semester), the student’s date of application to RVCC as a PNAD Nursing major will be used to determine placement on the list.

PLEASE NOTE: The Nursing Program at RVCC reserves the right to change the criteria for eligibility into the nursing program as necessary.

Only when students are officially admitted to the clinical nursing program, they will need to comply with Immunizations and Health Maintenance Policies of the Nursing Program.

PLEASE NOTE: The Nursing Program at RVCC reserves the right to change the criteria for eligibility into the nursing program as necessary.