Degrees Designed for Transfer to Four-Year Colleges (A.A.)
Education: P-12, Associate of Arts - Explore Careers P-12
Human Services/Pre-Social Work, Associate of Science - Explore Careers
Liberal Arts, Associate of Arts - Explore Careers
Social Sciences, Associate of Arts - Explore Careers

Degrees Designed to Lead to Direct Employments
Early Childhood Education, Associate of Applied Science - Explore Careers

Certificate Designed to Provide Specialized Expertise
Chemical Dependency, Certificate - Explore Careers
Career Path for CADC, Substance Abuse Counselor, Chemical Dependency Counselor
Early Childhood Education, Certificate - Explore Careers
Early Childhood STEM, Certificate of Completion - Explore Careers
Human Services, Certificate - Explore Careers
Human Services, Certificate of Completion - Explore Careers

Online classes are an option for many Humanities, Social Science, Social Work & Education degree requirements.  Click here to register for online summer and fall college courses today!

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