The Institute for Holocaust & Genocide Studies offers a variety of Holocaust and genocide resources for educators and members of the community.



Holocaust Teacher Resources


Holocaust Museums and Remembrance Organizations

  • The New York Tolerance Center, in the heart of Manhattan, is a professional development multi-media training facility targeting educators, law enforcement officials, and state/local government practitioners. Modeled after the successful Tools for Tolerance Program at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, the Tolerance Center provides participants with an intense educational and experiential daylong training program. Through interactive workshops, exhibits, and videos, individuals explore issues of prejudice, diversity, tolerance, and cooperation in the workplace and in the community
  • Association of Holocaust Organizations- A network of organizations and individuals for the advancement of Holocaust awareness, programming and education. It  has a list of links for reference.
  • Auschwitz Jewish Center -A website that is dedicated to showing life in the town of Oswiecim, Poland that was renamed Auschwitz by the Nazis, before the war. It also shows chronology of events in the town. Also has links to their programs.
  • ADL- Anti - Defamation League ,the nation's premier civil rights and human relations agencies.
  • Topography of Terror Foundation: Memorial Database-  Online directory of memorial sites, monuments and museums dedicated to the Holocaust.
  • Association of European Jewish Museums-a directory of Jewish Museums in Europe.
  • Hollandsche Schouwburg- Website for the Hollandsche Schouwberg theatre in Amsterdam which was used as a collection point for Jews in the Netherlands.
  • Topography of Terror: Documentation Center- website for museum where the head of the repressive socialism regime.
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage- the website for the museum located in New York City that is dedicated to the culture of Jews from 1880 to the present.
  • United States Memorial Museum- website with information on the museum and the Holocaust, but also focuses on other genocides.
  • USC Shoah Foundation - site with information on the events, the products and the preservation of oral history of the Holocaust.
  • House of Wannsee Conference- Information for the museum that was created on the area in the Berlin villa where Nazis discussed the final solution.
  • Judisches Museum Berlin - The site that gives information on the museum in Berlin.


Holocaust Discussion

  • H-Holocaust - This is a multifaceted web page. It includes a link to the H-Holocaust listserv which discusses Holocaust historiography and methods of teaching Holocaust history. It is necessary to subscribe to the listserv. The page also includes book reviews as well as announcements about conferences, grants, and scholarships.



  • Internet Resources on Genocide and Mass Killings-- Web Genocide Documentation Center. Includes genocide definitions and general resources on numerous genocidal events.
  • Web Genocide Documentation Centre: Internet Resources on Genocide and Mass Killings-- Valuable site for information on a variety of genocides including the Shoah, Armenia, Cambodia, East Timor, Rwanda, Burundi, Kosovo and Sierra Leone.


  • Armenian Genocide -General information, a fact sheet and links to several articles.
  • Armenian National Institute- Research area contains documents, chronology and photos. Education area includes FAQs, resources and curricula.


  • Frontline - Site explaining the genocide in Bosnia.
  • Balkan War Criminals- Contains detailed information on war crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Major War Criminals/Suspects - Information and documents from the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague and from the UN Special Committee for War Crimes in the former Yugoslavia.
  • Office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Web site of the international body responsible for overseeing the implementation of peace in Bosnia. Site includes articles, press statements, reports, and summaries of Bosnia television.
  • Republic of Srpska - Page of the Serbian Republic, the political entity created within Bosnia as a result of the war. Offers a history of Bosnia from the Serb perspective under About Srpska link. Also information on the economy, reconstruction, tourism.


  • Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia- Odyssey of the Khmer People -- A site dedicated to Cambodian history and culture with emphasis on the Khmer Rouge period.
  • Cambodian Genocide Program - This site leads to data bases of biographic, geographic, bibliographic and photographic information on the Cambodian genocide. Also includes a chronology of Cambodian events 1950-1999.
  • CyberCambodia - This site contains a history of Cambodia's Killing Fields. It is also an attempt to find and publish survivor testimony.


  • Help Darfur Now! - a foundation started by three high school students to raise awareness on Darfur and what's happening.
  • Darfur Rehabilitation Project - non profit organization that wants to make the American public aware of the violence.


  • The Great Irish Famine Curriculum - A curriculum guide posted by the Nebraska Department of Education. Several other states are in the process of adopting the curriculum.


  • Balkans Special Report - Provided by the Washington Post, it includes the full text of the paper's most recent Balkans news story and links to background information, time lines, key players and documents. Deals with Kosovo, Croatia, and Bosnia.
  • Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network: Target Kosovo - In depth information with News Reports of recent articles; also past articles arranged by month.Information about the military forces of NATO, KLA, and Serbia.
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia- ICTY is responsible for prosecuting war crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia. For the case against Slobodan Milosevic, select the Tribunal Cases link on the main page, then Trial Chambers.
  • KFOR Online - Official Web site of the NATO Kosovo force with background information of Kosovo and related links.
  • Kosovo--Bitter Struggle in a Land of Strife -- Excellent site from the New York Times providing background and current information on the situation in Kosovo. Includes timelines, history, maps, quizzes.
  • Kosovo Crisis Center -- Numerous news links as well as historical background and a brief bibliography.
  • Kosovo: Focus on Human Rights -- A Human Rights Watch site dedicated to reporting events in Kosovo.
  • United States Department of State International Information Programs-- Information from State Department on Kosovo with links to the U.S.Office in Pristina, UN Mission in Kosovo and Balkan Information Exchange.
  • Yugoslav Ministry of Foreign Affairs --Official Yugoslav perspective on events in Kosovo; see NATO Aggression. Includes useful information about the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.


  • Basic Facts on the Nanking Massacre and the Tokyo War Crimes Trial - Contains the full-text of a phamphlet by the New Jersey Hong Kong Network on the Japanese invasion, the massacre, trial and verdict. Also contains references. Reproduction of the pamphlet is encouraged.
  • Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre - maps, photos, statistics, periodical articles, and links to sites related to the Nanjing Massacre. Text in English, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Nanking 1937 -- A Commemoration at Princeton University of the 60th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre. Contains history and some photographs.
  • Rape of Nanking -- Page is about a publication which is a photographic history of the genocide.


  • International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda -- Fifty years after the adoption of the Genocide Convention in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the first judgment of the crime of genocide by an international court and the first sentence for genocide were handed down.
  • Leave None to Tell the Story - A Human Rights Watch page giving extensive background and facts about the Genocide in Rwanda.
  • Triumph of Evil - A PBS site which includes information on the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The information includes a chronology and photos.


Native Americans

African Americans

  • American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology -- From 1936-1938 the Works Progress Administration interviewed many former slaves. These are their first hand accounts accompanied by some photographs.
  • African Reparations Movement -- A site located in the United Kingdom and dedicated to seeking reparations for harm done to Africa and to the African diaspora through enslavement, colonisation and racism. Of particular interest is the Slavery: Legacy Depate in the House of Lords and the Other Sites of Interest which include slave narratives.
  • National Civil Rights Museum - Located at the Lorraine Motel where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, the Museum traces the beginning of the civil rights struggle.


  • Atomic Bomb Decision - Contains full-text of numerous documents dealing with the decision to use the atomic bomb. Also contains accounts of participants.
  • Ending the War Against Japan: Science, Morality, and the Atomic Bomb - Developed by Choices for the 21st Century Education Project at Brown University, this describes a 5 day instructional unit on the controversial decision which is available for purchase.
  • Outline of Atomic Bomb Damage in Hiroshima -- Extensive information on the bombing of Hiroshima. Site is copyrighted by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Hate Crimes and Prevention

  • Hate Crime Report -- Statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report.
  • HateWatch - An outgrowth of a Harvard Law School page, this site keeps track of hate activity in the media and in cyberspace.
  • Stop Hate - Anti-Defamation League page explain and combat various hatreds including Anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia and hatred in cyberspace.
  • Teaching Tolerance -- Teaching Tolerance is a national education project dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect and understanding in the classroom and beyond. The page includes classroom resources, classroom activities, and Teaching Tolerance magazine.

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