Biology/Chemistry Club
The Biology/Chemistry Club exists to promote awareness and exposure to RVCC students who are interested in chemistry and the biological sciences. The club members engage in research, seminars, and activities that allow students to practice and enjoy what they have learned within the classroom setting. It also fosters social interaction between students and faculty members. The club exists primarily to support chemistry,  biology, and pre-Medical majors, however, all majors are welcome.

What are our meetings like?
We have refreshments while we discuss events, projects, and activities that we are involved in. Then, we watch a short film or documentary followed by an experiment.

What do we do?
We love discussing current events and conducting cool experiments. We attend seminars and hold weekly meetings. Club members get involved in the community by doing community service projects, fundraising, and raising awareness for various public health concerns. In addition, we hold an annual poster session for the Science and Engineering department in the spring.  

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Eric Iannacone,

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