Colleges Against Cancer
CAC is an organized, overnight community fundraising walk. Teams of people camp out around a track and members of each team take turns walking around the track. Food, games, and activities provide entertainment and build camaraderie.  CAC is a family-friendly environment for the entire community. We celebrate the survivors, remember those we lost, and fight back against cancer.  

What are our meetings like?
Our meetings are a way to communicate ideas and combine thoughts to give the CAC the best possible chance for success. We are a team! Every thought is recognized. Every person is given a voice. We work on promoting the CAC and planning events to fundraise and give back to the community.  

What do we do?
We plan Colleges Against Cancer at RVCC!

How can you reach us?
Advisors: Beryl Stetson,
Elliot Stetson,
Susan Williams,
Affiliation: American Cancer Society 

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