Feminist Coalition
The Feminist Coalition was founded in order to address issues of gender equality and social justice across campus and throughout the community. We believe in Feminism that considers intersectionality: the idea that social categories like race, class, and gender overlap to create unique dynamics of discrimination and privilege in the lives of individuals. This is not a space for harsh, contradictory debate; it is a space for healing, a space for helping, and a space for progress.

What do we do?
The Feminist coalition is for everyone because feminism is for everyone and patriarchy affects us all. The Feminist Coalition is a group open to all members of the RVCC community interested in learning about, advocating for, and organizing around feminist issues. The group also serves as the student branch of the RVCC Women’s Center. In coordination with the Women’s Center, the Feminist Coalition helps to plan events, discussions, speakers, and consciousness raising activities around campus and in the wider community.

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How can you reach us?   
Advisor: Keilani Abdullah Keilani.Abdullah@raritanval.edu

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