RVCC Dance Club
The RVCC Dance Club is a student-run academic club. This club offers a variety of styles of dance, as well as a variety of levels. Styles include jazz, contemporary, modern, ballet, tap and hip-hop. The club provides students with a place to explore and create in the field of dance. Students take classes in different dance styles, learn choreography or show their choreography to others. The RVCC Dance Club is a great place to have fun, exercise and be creative! We are always open to new members even without dance experience so come dance with us!

What are our meetings like?
Our meetings vary from dance classes taught by master artists (professional in the field) to student run classes. Sometime we focus on technique and sometimes on creativity! Sometimes we do stretching, sometimes Chinese dance. Every semester is different.  There is also Informances, which offer students the opportunity to show something they are working on…whether it’s dance, music, singing, film, poetry, etc. Wearing comfortable clothing is a must! Meetings include different choreography, rehearsals and practices so be ready to move!

What do we do?
Students can take a class, or group to create their own choreography, practice it, and then show the work. Students have performed in the RVCC DanceWorks concert, Informal Showings, Campus events, Flash mobs and off site performances. In addition, we help sponsor the annual trip to the American College Dance Conference, where RVCC students get to take classes and show their work. Our goal is to provide quality dance and we thrive on dance being artistic AND entertaining!

How can you reach us?  
Advisor: Loretta Fois, Loretta.Fois@RaritanVal.edu

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