Math Club
A community of students interested in mathematics, with the goal of promoting math majors and preparing tutors for the tutoring center.

What do we do?
RVCC Math Club is engaged in working on academically extremely advanced projects. These projects typically take about 2 years to complete as there is an immense amount of research to be done along the way (none of the necessary concepts are thought at RVCC). Our last project (completed in the Fall 2015 Semester) is an Autonomous Car Project which was funded by RVCC Foundation. Our students (members) were able to rival those of MIT, Stanford, NJIT and companies like Google and Tesla to a create self-driving vehicle. RVCC is the only community college in the world that possesses such technology.

How can you reach us?
We meet a few times a week to discuss math, physics, engineering, design, programming and also meet (off campus) to construct devices. Due to a very steep learning curve and level at which the research is done, we welcome all of those who love to learn. We do not discriminate on the basis of the major; anyone can be a member of our club, just have an open mind. Also we like you more if you play video games.

Advisor: Nemanja Nikitovic,

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