Psychology Club
The club promotes the professional development of psychology students through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.

What are our meetings like?
You can expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the meetings are split up into two categories: Brainstorming and Conversation. Our meetings are personal, so expect to meet and interact with new people. Brainstorming includes planning, throwing ideas at each other, and coming up with new ways that help you engage with the student body. The conversation aspect is not only be a psychological conversation, but an open conversation for anyone and everyone to talk, vent, and help each other.

What do we do?
We explore mental health, and find ways to cope with the everyday struggles college students have. We offer events that embrace creativity and expression, and learn about some ways to get yourself through hard times.

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Isabelle Gutierrez,
Affiliation: Psi Beta National Honor Society in Psychology

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