Raritan Valley Radio
The club promotes and encourages the expression of individuality through a positive media outlet. Students provide talk shows, music, news, sports, and local weather to the community. Students also provide free entertainment services such as hosting and disc jockey services to support RVCC clubs and campus events.

What are our meetings like?
We meet in H116. Our meetings are brief and consist of weekly updates and creative ideas that members can embrace for future use. RVR is currently working closely with The Record to help maintain a consistent news outlet for students, by club members.

What do we do?
Members are encouraged to express themselves on every level. We like to see creative show ideas, which share a mix between talk and music. We also DJ/Co-Host most RVCC Campus events. If you have any interest in mixing music or are an MC/DJ we want to hear from you!

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Bick Treut, Bick.Treut@raritanval.edu  
Email: rvradio@raritanval.edu
Campus Media: www.rarvalradio.com

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