United Caribbean Students Club
The mission of the United Caribbean Students Club is to proactively enhance and enrich the lives of RVCC students of Caribbean and West Indian descent.

What are our meetings like?
The club meets on Thursdays during college hour (1– 2:20pm) in room H229. Our meetings are fun and energetic. We usually have a prepared agenda and we plan and discuss upcoming events, ideas for new events and club activities. Sometimes we have a guest speaker or presenter. We also discuss tips for academic success and the students share on-campus resources with each other.

What do we do?
The United Caribbean Students Club at RVCC is a vibrant cultural student organization whose goals are to meet the social and academic needs of RVCC students of Caribbean descent. Additionally, the club serves as a mechanism to educate and expose the larger campus community and local community to our rich Caribbean culture and heritage through music, culture, history, dance and food. The club also welcomes students of all nationalities. 

How can you reach us?
Advisors: Evelyn Carty, Evelyn.Carty@raritanval.edu

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