Raritan Valley Community College online courses, as well as face-to-face classes, are taught by accomplished adjunct and full-time faculty.

James Adkins  James.adkins@raritanval.edu
B.F.A., Sculpture, Maryland Institute, College of Art
M.F.A., Sculpture, New York Academy of Art

Joanna Andriopoulos-Holusha Joanna.andriopoulos-holusha@raritanval.edu
B.F.A., Dance, Montclair State University
M.A., Dance and Dance Education - Teaching Dance in Higher Education, New York

UniversityEric W. Araujo    Eric.Araujo@raritanval.edu    
M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute

Marissa Aucoin  Marissa.aucoin@raritanval.edu
B.F.E., Montclair State University
M.A., SUNY College Brockport

Larry Barbee    lbarbee@raritanval.edu    
B.M., B.A., Berklee College of Music

Lynn Barnes (Lydia Grey) Lynn.Barnes@raritanval.edu
BFA, MFA, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Danielle Barry    Danielle.Barry@raritanval.edu
B.A., Western Maryland College
B.A., McDaniel College

Stephanie Beauchamp  Stephanie.beauchamp@raritanval.edu
B.F.E., University of Texas Austin
M.F.A., Texas Womans University

Lisa Deo  Lisa.deo@raritanval.edu
B.A., Kean University
M.F.A.,Eugene Lang College

Robert Di Matteo
M.F.A., Yale University School of Art

Michael Eckhart     Michael.Eckhart@raritanval.edu    
B.M., Northern Arizona University
M.M., San Diego State University – California State University

Colin Edgington Colin.Edgington@raritanval.edu    
B.A.F.A., The University of New Mexico
M.F.A., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Kimani Fowlin  Kimani.fowlin@raritanval.edu
M.A., Sarah Lawrence College
M.F.A., University of Wisconsin

Andrea Freiwald Andrea.Freiwald@raritanval.edu
A.A., Middlesex County College
B.A., Montclair State College
M.F.A., Pratt Institute

Barbara A. Friedman Barbara.Friedman@raritanval.edu    
B.F.A., Parsons, The New School for Design
M.F.A., William Paterson University

Michael Gradin Michael.gradin@raritanval.edu
B.A., Rutgers University

Barbara Greenspan  Barbara.greenspan@raritanval.edu
B.A., University of California
M.A., New York University

Lisa Grimes  Lisa.grimes@raritanval.edu
B.F.E., Montclair State University

Kristen Hagen  Kristen.hagen@raritanval.edu
B.A., New Jersey Institute of Technology

Steve Hudson     Stephen.Hudson@raritanval.edu    
M.M., Manhattan School of Music

Lees Hummel     Lees.Hummel@raritanval.edu   
B.F.A., M.F.A., New York University, Tisch School of the Arts

Randy James  Randy.james@raritanval.edu

Kathleen Kececi  Kathleen.kececi@raritanval.edu
M.Ed., Dance & Dance Education, Teachers College Columbia University

Heejung Kim     Heejung.Kim@raritanval.edu
M.F.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook

Ji Yong Kim     Ji.Kim@raritanval.edu    
B.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design
M.F.A., Montclair State University

John Loehrke    jloehrke@raritanval.edu    
B.M.E., University of Michigan

Bill Macholdt     William.Macholdt@raritanval.edu    
B.S., East Stroudsburg University
M.F.A., Bennington College

David Marcinkowski David.marcinkowski@raritanval.edu
B.A., Kean University
M.A., New School Joffrey Program

Jeffrey Mason     Jeffrey.mason@raritanval.edu    
B.A., Bob Jones University,
M.F.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Margaret Nelson Margaret.nelson@raritanval.edu    
B.M., Montclair State University
M.M., Westminster Choir College

Dot Paolo     Dorothy.Paolo@raritanval.edu    
M.F.A., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Dawn Paruta  Dawn.paruta@raritanval.edu
B.F.E., Kean University

Bani Ray  Bani.ray@raritanval.edu
B.S., Biology, Delhi University

Candace Reilly  Candace.reilly@raritanval.edu
B.A., Drew University

John Reinking III     John.Reinking@raritanval.edu    
M.F.A., Marywood University

Jonathan Ricci     Jonathan.Ricci@raritanval.edu    
B.F.A., Maryland Institute College of Art
M.F.A., Bowling Green State University
M.A., Eastern Illinois University

Sarah Roche     Sarah.Roche@raritanval.edu    
B.F.A., Moore College of Art and Design
M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania

Kathy Schulz     Kathleen.Schulz@raritanval.edu   
B.F.A., State University of New York
M.F.A., University of Massachusetts

Paulette Sears Paulette.sears@raritanval.edu
B.A., English, Vassar College
M.A., Mills College

Wes Sherman    James.Sherman@raritanval.edu   
B.S., Lipscomb University
M.F.A., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Lynn Sichel  Lynn.sichel@raritanval.edu
B.M.U.S., Antioch University
M.A., Sarah Lawrence College

Valerie Sivilli    Valerie.Sivilli@raritanval.edu   
B.F.A., Alfred University
M.F.A., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Wes Sherman    James.Sherman@raritanval.edu   
B.S., Lipscomb University
M.F.A., Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Cynthia Teeters     Cynthia.Teeters@raritanval.edu
M.S. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
B.S. University of California, Los Angeles

San Timur Solu    San.Solu@raritanval.edu    
B.A., Kean University, English Certificate, Oxford University
M.PHIL., Rutgers University

Michael Stuempfle     Michael.Stuempfle@raritanval.edu    
B.M., M.M., Indiana State University

Eldad Tarmu  Eldad.tarmu@raritanval.edu
M.A., Stony Brook University

Laura Transue  Laura.transue@raritanval.edu
B.F.E., University of Delaware; M.S., Drexel University

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