• The College awards credit on the basis of a student having achieved a specified minimum score on certain nationally recognized standard examinations, or on examinations created by the College.
  • Specific examinations, the credit awarded, and the minimum scores required for the awarding of credit are determined by the faculty in the academic department responsible for the academic discipline or special program in which credit is to be awarded.
  • A student who has previously earned credit in a course may not receive credit by examination in a lower-level course in the same academic discipline.
  • Because a student may not attempt credit by examination in any course already part of the student's permanent academic record, a student who has registered for a course will not be eligible to earn credit by exam for that course unless officially withdrawn before the published last day to withdraw without course on record.
  • Credit by examination is not awarded until the student has been admitted into a specific degree or certificate program.
  • The College does not guarantee that alternative academic credits awarded by RVCC will be honored by another college or university to which an individual student might transfer.
  • Alternative Academic Credit is evaluated and awarded for individual students and for individual degree and certificate programs offered by RVCC.
  • The College accepts up to 45 semester credit hours in Alternative Academic Credit toward an Associate's degree (so a student must complete at least 15 credits through course work at RVCC) or 75 percent of the semester credit hours required for the completion of a Certificate program.
  • Alternative Academic Credit does not count as enrollment credit in any academic term for establishing full-time or part-time status.
  • Grades are not assigned for Alternative Academic Credit.
  • Alternative Academic Credit is not used in computing a student's grade point average.
  • If a student attempts credit by exam covering two semesters of course work, and the student has already completed the first semester of such course work, only half of the credit awarded by exam will be granted.
  • Students will receive notification of an award of credit from the Enrollment Services
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