Special Galileo Scholarships are available for mathematics majors. The Scholarships are awarded to students majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs, who qualify based on their academic success. Scholars receive many benefits including opportunities to:
  • Seamlessly transfer to partnering institutions of higher education
  • Explore career possibilities in their chosen STEM discipline
  • Receive advice and academic support from faculty in their discipline area
  • Participate in many STEM-related activities on campus

Learn more about the Galileo scholarship and other scholarship opportunities

Special Mathematics Awards:

Siham Alfred Math Award honors the graduating mathematics major earning the highest GPA in the major while demonstrating commitment to the RVCC community.

Vince Bodino Math Achievement Award honors the graduating mathematics, computer science or engineering major who started in a developmental math course and ended excelling in calculus.

Career Coach – Learn more about career opportunities in mathematics.

Enhance your passion for mathematics by joining the Math Club.

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Minimum Math Requirements for RVCC Degree Programs
Math Curriculum Flowchart 2017-18
Developmental & Credit Courses

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