Raritan Valley Community College online courses, as well as face-to-face classes, are taught by accomplished adjunct and full-time faculty.

Susan Berriman Bova sbova@raritanval.edu
B.S. Linguistics and French, Georgetown University
Master's Degree in Educational Linguistics with a specialization in ESL, Uuniveristy of Pennsylvania
Certificate in Bilingual Education, French, ESL and Reading Specialist

Carole Browne Carole.browne@raritanval.edu
M.A., Seton Hall University

Natalia Cabinda  Natalia.cabinda@raritanval.edu
B.A., English, French, Universite de Yaounde, Cameroon
M.A., Foreign Language & English, Universite de
Yaounde, Cameroon
M.Ed., Education, Universite de Yaounde, Cameroon

Antoinette Cavaliere  Antoinette.cavaliere@raritanval.edu

Deborah D'Amore  ddamore@raritanval.edu
B.A international Politics Minors in Business and Italian, Penn State University
M.A.T Italian, Rutgers University

Amy Dixon  amy.dixon@raritanval.edu
TESOL,Kean University
M.A. Secondary Education, Seton Hall University
B.A. Political Science, Seton Hall University

Donna Gregory  Donna.gregory@raritanval.edu
B.A., Communication, Rutgers College
M.C.I.S., Communication and Information Studies, Rutgers University

Patricia George  Patricia.george@raritanval.edu
M.E.D., College of New Jersey

Faith West Gorman  Faith.westgorman@raritanval.edu
M.B.A., Centenary College

Maria Grewal  Maria.grewal@raritanval.edu
B.A., History, Warwick University, England
M.A., Comparative Social History, Warwick University U.K.

Michael Griffith  Michael.griffith@raritanval.edu
B.A., East Stroudsburg University

Katarina Grofikova   Katarina.Grofikova@raritanval.edu
Master in TESOL, 2001 Adelphi University, Long Island, New York

Lindsey Hageman  Lindsey.hageman@raritanval.edu
M.S., University of the State of New York

Timothy Hall  Timothy.hall@raritanval.edu
M.E.D., College of New Jersey
E.D.D., Columbia College

Jae Han  Jae.han@raritanval.edu
B.S., Accounting, Seton Hall University
M.A., Curriculum and Instruction ESL, Kean University
M.A., Educational Administration, Kean University

Harry Hillard  Harry.hillard@raritanval.edu
B.A., Human Communication, Rutgers University
M.F.A., Film Production, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

Mary Ryan Howley  Mary.howley@raritanval.edu
B.A., Music, Montclair State University
B.A., M.A., Spanish, Rutgers University

Alina Laboy  Alina.laboy@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.S., St. John’s University Jamaica

Christy Lamagna, CMM, CTSM, CMP   christy.lamagna@raritanval.edu
President's Award: New York Institute of Technology New York Institute of Technology 4.0 CUM
State University of New York at Oneonta: Alumni of Distinction
Certified Meeting Planner: Meeting Planners Institute Certified Tradeshow Marketer: Northern Illinois University
Outreach Certified Meeting Manager: Meeting Planners Institute/Georgetown University

Thomas Lancaster  Thomas.lancaster@raritanval.edu
B.A., English, St. Vincent College
M.A., Media Studies, New School for Social Research

Vivienne Larrea   vlarrea@raritanval.edu
Dual B.A.  Spanish & Latin American Studies, Rutgers University
M.A.T.  Foreign Language Instruction Spanish, Rutgers University

Luis Lavado  Luis.lavado@raritanval.edu
B.S., Temple University
M.S., Gwynedd-Mercy College

Russell Lawyer  Russell.lawyer@raritanval.edu
B.A., Speech -Theater, Duquesne University
M.A., Communications, Northwestern University

Laureen Lefever  Laureen.lefever@raritanval.edu
B.A., Communication Arts, St. Francis College
M.F.A., Acting, Brooklyn College

Alfonso Q. Llano  allano@raritanval.edu
Master's degree in Spanish, Rutgers University

Christine LoMonaco  Christine.lomonaco@raritanval.edu

Brian Lorio  Brian.lorio@raritanval.edu
B.S., Speech, Northwestern University
J.D., University of Illinois College of Law

Julia T M-Bowie  Julia.tm-bowie@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.S.E.D., Rutgers University

Lisa Mahajan-Cusack  Lisa.mahajan-cusack@raritanval.edu
B.S., Business Admin/Psychology, College of St. Elizabeth
M.P.A., Public Service Admin & Policy, Seton Hall University

Clarence McMillan  Clarence.mcmillan@raritanval.edu
M.P.H., Kean University; PHD., Walden University

Catherine Mitch  Catherine.mitch@raritanval.edu
B.A., German Language and Literature, Florida State University
M.A., German Literature, Florida State University
M.S., Multilingual/Multicultural Education, Specialization in TESOL, Florida State University

Vita Morales Vita.morales@raritanval.edu
M.T.A., Hunter College
M.E.D., Fordham University

Thomas Mullen   tmullen@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.A., Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin

Xavier Nieto  Xavier.nieto@raritanval.edu
B.A., Spanish, College of Staten Island
M.A., Spanish, Brooklyn College

Cary Pendaz  Cary.pendaz@raritanval.edu
B.A., Humboldt State University
M.A., Middlebury University

Olga Phelps   Olga.Phelps@raritanval.edu
M.A., Herzen University

Bryon Pinajian  Bryon.pinajian@raritanval.edu
M.A., Seton Hall University

Katherine Poynter  Katherine.poynter@raritanval.edu
B.A., Drew University
M.A., College of New Jersey

Jason Scott Quinn   Jason.Quinn@raritanval.edu
M.F.A, University of North Carolina at Greensboro,
M.A. Acting, University of North Carolina at Greensboro,
B.A. Communication Studies, University of South Florida
Theatre Arts Cert. Acting, Circle in the Square Theatre School

Amit Ray  Amit.ray@raritanval.edu
M.S.E., Drexel University

Anne Reifsnyder Anne.reifsnyder@raritanval.edu
B.A., Lake Erie College
M.S., University of Albany, SUNY

Betty Sanchez  Betty.sanchez@raritanval.edu
M.A., Montclair State University

David Sandler  David.sandler@raritanval.edu
B.S., Journalism, Suffolk University
M.A., Education, Suffolk University

Brian Schorr  Brian.schorr@raritanval.edu

Peter J. Schroeck   pschroec@raritanval.edu
B.A. German, SUNY at Albany
M.A. German, SUNY at Albany
Ph.D. German, Rutgers University

Jacqueline Skole  Jacqueline.skole@raritanval.edu
A.B., Political Science, Communication, University of Michigan
M.S.J., Journalism, Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism

Joseph Svec  Joseph.svec@raritanval.edu
M.A., William Paterson University
M.F.A., University of Idaho

Kimberley Tan  Kimberley.tan@raritanval.edu
B.A., Memorial University Newfoundland

Jeanette M Taono   jtaono@raritanval.edu
B.A., Fordham University
M.A., Middlebury College

Louis Thomas  Louis.thomas@raritanval.edu
Montgomery County Community College
B.A., Temple University

Amanda J. Thompson   athompso@raritanval.edu
M.A. Applied Linguistics, Montclair State University
B.A. Spanish Linguistics, Rutgers University

Hector Velasquez  Hector.velasquez@raritanval.edu
M.E.D., New Jersey City University

Evan Walter   ewalter@raritanval.edu
A.A Liberal Arts: Communication, Raritan Valley Community College
B.A. General Studies: Film, The New School University
M.A. Media Studies, The New School University

Doryce Wheeler   Doryce.Wheeler@raritanval.edu
Ed.M./Teacher Certification Program in English as a Second Language, Rutgers Graduate School of Education

Joseph Whelan  Joseph.whelan@raritanval.edu
B.A., Spanish, Rutgers University
M.A., Inst. Curr./ESL, Kean University

Ricardo Zamora   rzamora@rvcc.edu
Master Degree University of Salamanca (Spain)

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