Elizabeth McIntyre Arthur  Elizabeth.arthur@raritanval.edu
A.A., Cumberland County College
B.S.B.A., Thomas A. Edison State College
Executive M.B.A., Georgian Court University
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Walden University

Robert Bertolatus Robert.bertolatus@raritanval.edu
B.S., M.S., Industrial Engineering, Rutgers University

David Carbone David.carbone@raritanval.edu
E.D.D., University of Albany, SUNY
Allen Cummings Allen.cummings@raritanval.edu
B.E., Pratt Institute
M.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology

Matthew Cushing Matthew.cushing@raritanval.edu
B.S.B.A., James Madison University

Paul DeAngelo Paul.deangelo@raritanval.edu
B.S.B.A., Baruch College
M.B.A., Hofstra University

Anne Marie DelPrincipe AnneMarie.delprincipe@raritanval.edu
B.A., Computer Science, Iona College
M.B.A., Business-Artificial Intelligence, Iona College

Donald DeZottis   Donald.DeZottis@raritanval.edu
M.A., The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
B.A., Rutgers University of New Jersey
A.S., Burlington County College

Ira Friesheim    ifrieshe@raritanval.edu
M.B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology
B.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University

Anshu Gandotra Anshu.gandotra@raritanval.edu
M.S., University of Saint Thomas
Justin Gold Justin.gold@raritanval.edu
B.S., M.S., Rochester Institute of Technology

Michael Gradin Michael.gradin@raritanval.edu
B.A., Rutgers University

Betty Anne Jacoby   BettyAnne.Jacoby@raritanval.edu
Ed.D., Temple University
M.A., Rutgers University
B.A., University of Chicago

Anil Kumar Anil.kumar@raritanval.edu
M.B.A., Finance, St. John’s University

Tim Lui   tlui@raritanval.edu
Mini-Masters, B.A., Rutgers University
M.S., The John’s Hopkins University     

David Marcinkowski David.marcinkowski@raritanval.edu
B.A., Kean University
M.A., New School Joffrey Program

Kathleen Marino Kathleen.marino@raritanval.edu
B.S., Education, Monmouth University
M.A.I.T., Instructional Tech, Georgian Court University
Ph.D., Educational Leadership & Policy, Seton Hall University

Elissa P. Matthews   ematthew@raritanval.edu
M.S., B.S., Union College

Swati Mehta Swati.mehta@raritanval.edu
M.I., Foreign University

Randie Mondoro   Randie.Mondoro@raritanval.edu
M.S., The Chubb Institute
B.B.A., University of Massachusetts

Charles Njogu Charles.njogu@raritanval.edu
M.S., Management and Systems, New York University

William John Orbe   William.Orbe@raritanval.edu
M.A., Montclair State University
B.A., University of Florida

Susan Hagan Parilis    sparilis@raritanval.edu
M.C.I.S., B.A., Rutgers University  

Rajiv Parkash   rparkash@raritanval.edu
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, CQUniversity

Andrew Parks Andrew.parks@raritanval.edu
M.Phil., English Literature, Drew University

Eunice Sarzedas   esarzeda@raritanval.edu
New Brunswick Theological Seminary Pursuing Doctoral Ministry, Ramapo College of New Jersey
M.B.A., Lisbon Portugal
M.S., Computer Science
B.S., Marketing
Certiport MS Office Certified

Brett Schwarzenbek   Brett.Schwarzenbek@raritanval.edu
M.S., Kean University
B.A., B.S., Rider University

Howard Sims Howard.sims@raritanval.edu
M.S., University of Phoenix

Gregory Skelley Gregory.skelley@raritanval.edu
B.S., Kean University
M.B.A., New Jersey City University

Barbara Smith   bsmith@raritanval.edu
M.B.A., Syracuse University

Stephen Stoll   Stephen.Stoll@raritanval.edu
M.B.A,. Seton Hall University        
B.S., Ohio State University

Norman Stone   Norman.Stone@raritanval.edu
M.B.A., Baruch College

Sheila Van Diver    svandive@raritanval.edu
M.S., The College of NJ
B.S., Hampton Institute

Terry M. Voldase   tvoldase@att.net
Ed.D., Higher Education Leadership, Walden University (In-progress)
M.S., B.S.,  New Jersey Institute of Technology

Laurie Wallmark   laurie.wallmark@raritanval.edu
M.S., Goddard College
B.A., Princeton University

William P Woodall   william.woodall@raritanval.edu
30+ Years of Experience in Computer Software/Hardware  
Served as Technical Editor, McGraw-Hill Computing That Works Book Series (5 Volumes)  
Served as Technical Editor, McGraw-Hill Personal Computer Programmer's Encyclopedia  
Served as Technical Consultant, The Computer Journal, 1989-1992  
Various Multimedia Productions including the award-winning 1994-95 RVCC Annual Report CDROM, 2006 A Day with theStrasburg Railroad  Computing Facilities Infrastructure (hardware, power, networking, wiring, energy, remote management)  
Languages: CGI/PERL, TCL, PHP, Python, SQL, PowerBasic, Assembler, C, Pascal, Java, etc.  

Linda J Yang    Linda.Yang@raritanval.edu
M.S., Bellevue University (In-progress)
B.S., The College of Staten Island

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