Raritan Valley Community College online courses, as well as face-to-face classes, are taught by accomplished adjunct and full-time faculty.

Lucia Barbieri    lbarbier@raritanval.edu
B.S. English Education, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
M.A. English Literature, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Writing Workshop Program, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Executive Management Program, Duke University, Raleigh-Durham, NC
Leadership Management, Aspen Institute, Colorado

Karly Berezowsky    karly.berezowsky@raritanval.edu
B.A. English, B.A. Communication (with a specialized concentration in Journalism), minor in Art History from Flagler College
M.A. English Literature. and Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies, The College of New Jersey

Ellen Brain    ebrain@raritanval.edu
Masters of the Humanities and Secondary English Education, Kean University

Jessica Brent    jbrent@raritanval.edu
Ph.D. English, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Rebecca Campbell   Rebecca.campbell@raritanval.edu
B.A., English Literature, University of Maryland, College Park
M.A., Secondary English Education, New York University

Nancy Castello Nancy.castello@raritanval.edu
B.A., Rutgers University
M.A., Montclair State University

Denise Cimpko-Beller     DCimpko@raritanval.edu
B.A. English, Rutgers University
M.A. English, The College of New Jersey

Scot Ebner  Scot.ebner@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.L.I.T., Drew University

Anne Ehrhart    Anne.Ehrhart@raritanval.edu
B.A. English, Westminster College, Missouri
M.A.T. Secondary English, University of Louisville

Melanie Frances  Melanie.frances@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.A., College of New Jersey

Kendra Hansis     Kendra.Hansis@raritanval.edu
B.A., University of Connecticut
M.A., University of Connecticut
Ph.D. (ABD), University of Massachusetts

Alicia Harabin   Alicia.harabin@raritanval.edu

Karen Hoffman     karen.hoffman@raritanval.edu
B.S., East Stroudsburg University
M.Ed., East Stroudsburg University

Dr. Ann C. Kane    akane@raritanval.edu
A.A., Raritan Valley Community College
B.A., Kean University
M.S., Walden University
Ed.D., Walden University

Maria Kayal  Maria.kayal@raritanval.edu
B.A., English/Philosophy, University of Scranton
M.S., TESOL, City College of New York

Sabrina Mahfouz    Sabrina.Mahfouz@raritanval.edu
B.A., English/Elementary Ed, Kean University
M.A., English/Gifted Education, Columbia University

Julie Mainka   julie.mainka@raritanval.edu
B.A. English, University of Texas at San Antonio
M.A. English, Literature and Language, University of Northern Colorado 

Thomas A. Makin, Ph.D.    tmakin@raritanval.edu
Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania
M.A., Univ. of Pennsylvania
B.A., Manhattan College 

Dr. Robin Mako Citarella    rmako@raritanval.edu
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A., Drew University 
B.A., University of Dayton

Vanessa Markota  Vanessa.markota@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.A., English, Seton Hall University

Raymond Masullo Raymond.masullo@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.A., English, William Paterson University

Kellie McKinney  Kellie.mckinney@raritanval.edu
M.A., University of Denver

Nina McPherson Nina.mcpherson@raritanval.edu
B.A., Yale University

Kathalyn Messano    kmessano@raritanval.edu
B.A., in English, Fairleigh Dickinson 
M.A.T., Fairleigh Dickinson 
M.A. Education Leadership, Management and Policy, Seton Hall
Ed.D (ABD) Curriculum Leadership, Northeastern University 

Elizabeth Michels   Elizabeth.michels@raritanval.edu

Thomas E. Moomjy    tmoomjy@raritanval.edu
PhD., Candidate in American Studies (ABD), Rutgers University-Newark
B.A., M.A., English, Rutgers University

Sara Pampinto    spampint@raritanval.edu
M.A. English Language and Literature, NYU
B.A. English and Secondary Education, TCNJ

Jamie Parmese Jamie.parmese@raritanval.edu
B.A., M.A., Rutgers University

Melody Pazian Melody.pazian@raritanval.edu
M.S.,, M.S.Ed., Adol. Education English, College of Staten Island

Nina Presuto  Nina.presuto@raritanval.edu
A.A., Liberal Arts, Raritan Valley Community College
B.A., Elem. Education/English Writing, Kean University
M.A.Ed., Prof. Development Pgm., Seton Hall University

Patricia Rutledge     prutledg@raritanval.edu
B.S., M.Ed., Rutgers University

Mary Saarmann    msaarman@raritanval.edu
A.A. Humanities/Social Science, County College of Morris
B.A. English, Montclair State University
Post B.A. Teaching Certification English, Montclair State University
M.A. Speech and Theatre, Montclair State University
Post-Graduate Study in England, Shakespeare and Theatre, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Robert Sager     robert.sager@raritanval.edu
B.A., Dickinson College
M.S., St. Josephs University

Amy Sawford Amy.sawford@raritanval.edu
B.A., English, The University of Florida
M.A., English - Comparative Literature, Brooklyn College

Tracey Schuller   Tracey.schuller@raritanval.edu

Eric Specian   Eric.specian@raritanval.edu

Julie Stine Julie.stine@raritanval.edu
B.A., Art History, Rutgers College
M.Ed., English Education, Rutgers University

Cathline Tanis  Cathline.tanis@raritanval.edu
M.Ed., English/Language Arts, Rutgers University

Christine Taylor    christine.taylor@raritanval.edu
Master of Library and Information Science, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
M.A. English Literature, National University
B.A. English and Pan African Studies, Drew University

Chris Teixeira     Christopher.Teixeira@raritanval.edu
B.A. in English from Montclair State University  
M.A. in American Literature from Montclair State University  

Myra Thomas  Myra.thomas@raritanval.edu
B.A., Vassar College
M.F.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University

Alison Ward      Alison.ward@raritanval.edu
B.S. Secondary Education in English, University of Rhode Island  
M.A. in Teaching and Learning, Nova Southeastern University  

Valerie A. Wheatley     Valerie.wheatley@raritanval.edu
B.A., William Paterson College/University
M.A., The George Washington University
Education Specialist from The George Washington University

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