Animation Club
Animation Club strives to help others learn about animation through both the appreciation and
practice of animation.

What are our meetings like?
Meetings start off with discussion of any updates or important club-related information. Then, we
spend a portion of the time watching animated short films and discussing them. The other portion of the club is getting into the computer programs for animating practice and working on projects. Animation Club has drawing tablets, Mac computers, and is updated with leading industry programs, including the latest version of Adobe Flash.

What do we do?
Animation Club is an open environment for people of all skill level and goals. We work individually
and in groups to experience the animation production process. We practice primarily 2D animation. We also appreciate animation through showing each other animated short films we find interesting.

How can you reach us?
Advisor: John Harford,
Co-Advisor: Cynthia Teeters,

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