The ESL Student Club aims to promote social interactions between ESL students and their non-ESL peers in an effort to enrich their college experience while they assimilate and adapt to American life. The main goal of our club is to provide ESL students with a safe space to share experiences and concerns, where they can feel at home and build a sense of belonging and community.

What are our meetings like?
You can expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where we have support group sessions,
technology info sessions in different languages (explaining how to use Lions Den, Canvas, student
email…), and English learning workshops, while sharing life and learning experiences, multicultural
exchange, networking with other clubs, playing games from different countries, and learning new English vocabulary.

What do we do?
Learning from each other, appreciating our origins, and engaging in intercultural interaction while being connected by one thing in common: improving our English understanding and adapting to American Culture.

How can you reach us?
Advisor:  Andrea Vaccaro,
Co-Advisor: Ivalis Henderson,

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