Veterans Alliance
The goal of the Raritan Valley Veterans Alliance (RVVA) is to provide veteran, and current service member students with the right tools and resources to be successful here at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC), and in society as a whole. Our backgrounds and life experiences are shared amongst this small community, and can often times be challenging. The RVVA will be, amongst other things, a support network to our brothers and sisters here at RVCC. We hope to continue to serve our community with the utmost dedication and professionalism we were all trained for in service to our country.

What are our meetings like?
Our meetings are open to all to sit in on and give feedback and suggestions as we develop plans and strategies to formulate solutions to the problems our veterans face.

What do we do?
As the RVVA evolves, we will help provide more and more resources to our members, and the veteran population. By educating our members and veteran population about benefits, and organizations designed to help our veterans, we hope to make things a little easier by bringing those resources closer to home. These organizations range from local to national, non-profit to government funded. By providing resource here at RVCC, we hope to take a little bit of that weight off of the shoulders of the men and woman who have already carried some of the heaviest of burdens.

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Elizabeth Sullivan
Raritan Valley Veterans Alliance:
National Affiliation: Student Veterans of America
Community Partner: Manville/Hillsborough Elks

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