The College is increasingly incorporating sustainable practices into various projects and ongoing operations to help create an environmentally friendly campus. Visit the Virtual Sustainability Tour (coming soon) to learn more about many of the College’s sustainability projects, including: 

  • Campus Infrastructure: Sustainable elements are an integral part of RVCC’s campus infrastructure, from the solar powered Arts Building to the nearly zero-waste construction of the Science Center addition. 
  • Recycling: RVCC's recycling facilities in public spaces and within faculty and staff offices help to create a more sustainable campus by keeping our recyclable refuse out of landfills, rivers, and oceans.
  • Gardens: The 240 acres of land surrounding the College contain natural spaces and gardens that beautify the campus, support study, reflect respect for the environment, and serve as vehicles for meaning.

Campus sustainability initiatives are the product of a united effort by the Facilities & Grounds Department, college administrators, staff members, teaching faculty, students, interns, alumni, and community partners. These folks work together with the goal of promoting a culture of sustainability on campus and across the curriculum, supporting civic engagement, and serving as a model and as a resource for members of the community through outreach and educational events.
For additional information, contact Sue Dorward, RVCC Sustainability & Energy Coordinator, at

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