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The following placement guide will help you choose the appropriate Math course based on the highest level of Math that you completed in high school. It is important that you review the required prior knowledge before selecting a course, especially if it has been more than five years since you graduated from high school.  The prerequisite content will not be taught in the course, so if you are not comfortable with the content you should enroll in the next lower level math course. 

If you are still undecided, please contact an Academic Advisor at or 908-526-1200 ext. 8522 or email the Chair of the Math & Computer Science Department

Highest Math Course in High School

HS Course Grade




A, B, C

MATH 111 Statistics I

D, F

Placement should be based on HS Precalculus grades (see below)



(Algebra III)

A, B, C

MATH 110 Statistics I

D, F

Placement should be based on HS Algebra II grades (see below)


Algebra II

A, B, C

MATH 110 Statistics I


MATH 030 Intermediate Algebra (Developmental)


Placement should be based on HS Algebra I course (see below)


Algebra I

A, B

MATH 030 Intermediate Algebra (Developmental)

C, D

MATH 020 Elementary Algebra (Developmental)


MATH 015 Basic Math (Developmental)

RVCC Math Course

Prior Knowledge Required to Take RVCC Math Course

MATH 110 Statistics I

Prerequisite: MATH 030

numerical and graphical solutions of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, rational and radical expressions and equations, integer and rational exponents, absolute value equations, introduction to functions and their graphs

MATH 030 Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisite: MATH 020

exponents, polynomials, factoring, solving first degree equations and inequalities, rational and radical expressions, quadratic equations, techniques of graphing, systems of equations and applications

MATH 020 Elementary Algebra

Prerequisite: MATH 015

exponent and square root notation, ratios, proportions, percent, systems of measurement, geometry formulas and introduction to signed numbers

MATH 015 Basic Math

No prior knowledge needed; this is an entry level math course.

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