Self-Placement Guidelines for Math Courses

This guide will help you determine which Math course is appropriate for you to give you the best chance of success.   You will need to consider:

  • Math course required for your major
  • Grades in high school math courses
  • Concepts you remember from high school math courses

What Math course does your major require?  Review your program sheet here if you are unsure.

Open the appropriate accordion below for your major.

  • Precalculus/Calculus Path – Majors that require Precalculus and/or Calculus. Must place into via exemption or the math placement test.
  • Statistics Path – Majors that require a Statistics course (If your major requires both Precalculus and Statistics, follow the Precalculus/Calculus Path)
  • Education Path – Majors that require Math Reasoning for Educators I/II. Must place into via exemption or the math placement test.
  • General Math Path – Majors that require a 3-credit General Education math course
  • Nursing Path – Nursing majors

If you do not know which path to choose or would like assistance selecting an appropriate Math class, please contact an Academic Advisor at or 908-526-1200 x8522.

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