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In Memory of Margit Feldman

We would like to remember Margit Feldman, a founding member of the Institute of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Margit worked tirelessly to help educate students and the wider community about the Holocaust. Margit inspired thousands of people when they heard about how she survived the Nazi concentration camps. Her powerful yet gentle presence will be missed. For more information about Margit, you can find her book, Margit: A Teenagers Journey Through The Holocaust and Beyond and the documentary, Margit: Not A23029, detailing her life.

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We will be sure to direct the funds toward our Learning Through Experience Program, of which Margit has always taken part. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Edgar, Program Specialist for the Institute of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at

What I will always remember about Margit was her belief in humanity and the power of each individual to effectuate positive change. Margit was a huge proponent of education; she was one of the original founders of Raritan Valley Community College’s Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and was instrumental in developing the Institute’s Learning Through Experience Program. Through the Learning Through Experience Program, middle school and high school students would not only learn about the horrors of the Holocaust and other genocides, but also would learn about compassion, perseverance, resilience, and supporting human rights. Margit’s greatest joy in the Learning Through Experience Program came from meeting face-to-face with young students and encouraging them to be active promoters of justice. Through the Institute’s Learning Through Experience Program, Margit has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and left an enduring legacy at the College. Housed in The Morris and Dorothy Hirsch Research Library of Holocaust and Genocide Studies is a collection of videos, photographs, and books about Margit’s triumphant life. I can recall Margit and her husband Harvey walking side-by-side into the Institute’s Resource Center to participate in an advisory meeting with one important goal in mind – how to make the world a better place for all.  Raritan Valley will honor Margit’s legacy by continuing her work to make the world a better place, and when we can reconvene collectively as a community, the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies will properly celebrate Margit and her lifetime of achievements.

--Jacki Belin, Vice President for Student Affairs and Outreach, Raritan Valley Community College

"Margit - Not A23029"

password: margitjcc

To honor the memory of Margit Feldman, one of the founders of The Institute of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at RVCC, we would like to share this documentary film, Margit - Not A23029. This film is about Margit's life after the Holocaust. We learn that while the Holocaust had a major impact on Margit's life, Margit was not just a survivor of Auschwitz. Margit was a survivor, wife & mother, grandmother, & educator.

This film contains graphic historical footage. Viewer discretion is advised. This film is not meant for distribution or to be shared.

This is a copy of the film. A higher quality version will eventually replace this version.

Margit Feldman by Evelyn Rauch

Margit how will we go on with out you?
You were the face of the Holocaust.
You were the will of survival
You were the hope of a better tomorrow

Margit when I close my eyes I see your beautiful angelic face
I hear you call me honey and I feel your gentle touch on my shoulder
I see you surrounded by children hanging on your every word
I hear the echo of your voice telling us how to survive.

Margit you inspired so many of us to use our voices against anti Semitism
You taught us to value our differences and find our commonalities
You spoke from the strength of a true survivor
You held our hand

Margit you empowered us to always do better
You instructed us to educate those who were in the dark
You showed us the light
You demanded our attention.

Margit who will be the mother of all mothers to us now?
No one will ever be able to take your place
No one will ever be able to relate your story the way you did
No one will speak with the passion and conviction you had.

Margit we will try to carry on your legacy
You were our teacher and our mentor
So rest easy my dear Margit knowing we will carry on in your memory
We will continue to tell your story

Margit the world will never be the same
You have made a difference in everyone who knew you
You have empowered generations to promote understanding
Your yellow star has turned to gold shining down on all of us.

Thank you Margit Feldman for all you have done for all of us.

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