HOPE (Health Oriented Peer Educators)

HOPE (Health Oriented Peer Educators)

Fresh Reality is our local chapter of HOPE (Health Oriented Peer Educators) . BACCHUS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to actively promote student and young adult-based campus and community-wide leadership on healthy and safe lifestyle decisions concerning alcohol abuse, tobacco use, illegal drug use, unhealthy sexual practices and other high-risk behaviors.

What are our meetings like?
BACCHUS usually meets twice a week. During our meetings we plan upcoming events and brainstorm as a group on new, fun ideas to reach the students of RVCC and the local community. We hold very easy going meetings, and we are always excited to have new people join us!

What do we do?
We are known on campus for having Cupcakes and Condoms during College hour about once a month. We give out free cupcakes and condoms to the students. RVCC students and faculty get a kick out of our witty way of promoting safe and healthy behaviors. We also have two documentaries concerning high risk behaviors and personal stories of substance abuse that a few of our members are in; we usually show these films about once or twice a month and afterward we engage students in Alcohol Jeopardy where we give out free pizza and prizes. We also make it a point to do things for mental health and stress, so we do different stress relieving activities during the stressful exam times throughout the semester. BACCHUS also invites motivational speakers to the college to share their inspirational stories with the students and faculty. We enjoy working with other clubs here at RVCC and host fun, sober parties or events here on campus. Most of our members are Certified Peer Educators, meaning that students here at RVCC can come talk to us about questions or concerns they have about personal issues. It is a priority of ours to keep up-to-date on all the resources available for students as well as the main struggles/issues that are prevalent on campus and in the community that need to be addressed. Being that BACCHUS is a national college organization, we attend the BACCHUS National Assembly as well as our BACCHUS Area Conference every year to learn about what other campuses are doing to promote fun, healthy life choices.

How can you reach us?
Advisor: Amee Smolinsky, Ann.Smolinsky@RaritanVal.edu

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