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Concurrent Enrollment Program

Early College Experience

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Student Success Stories 

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Students describe the RVCC Concurrent Enrollment Program experience:

"RVCC’s CEP (English Composition 1) enabled me to write successfully and understand texts at a higher level than any other class I took in high school. I would recommend the program to any high school student, knowing they would exit the program with a better understanding of the English language and how to interpret it.” - Collin D., Stetson University  

"This class (English Composition 1) has helped so much, and it definitely gave me an edge when writing my first college papers.” 
- Aparna P., Boston University   
"Before, I could read a book and write an essay.  Now, I can read a book and make connections, both internally and externally.  I can look at everything in a completely different way, in a way that the majority of my peers cannot."  - Elizabeth M., The University of Texas at Austin  
 “Having to write essays and papers for this class definitely prepared me for writing papers in college.” - Jordan B., Hofstra University    
“CEP was extremely helpful with improving my writing skills. In college, my professors have told me my writing is some of the best in the whole class.”
 - Kimberly S., University of Richmond 
“Without this class I most likely would have gotten C’s instead of A’s and B’s (in college).” - Rebecca D., University of North Carolina at Pembroke  
“I did well on all of my papers in my first semester of college because of all I learned in CEP.” - Samantha R., Loyola University Maryland   
“CEP is great! CEP has helped me to become a better writer, so I believe the program itself was a great one.  In addition, all of my credits transferred with no problem.”  - Khalid B., Howard University   

“CEP prepared me for the rigor of a typical college writing assignment. In my freshman year, my writing was automatically more advanced than most of my peers because of this course. The style and atmosphere of the class has encouraged me to be an active participant in my college courses, contributing to the conversations that ensue within the lecture halls.” - Imani S., University of Maryland- College Park 
"Taking the CEP course was one of the best decisions that I made in high school.  It provided me with resources and experiences that gave me an edge over other college freshman students.” - Javonni F., Rutgers University- New Brunswick Campus














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