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Communication & Languages Department
Kevin Hinkle,Chairperson

Communication & Languages, an option of the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree program, prepares students to transfer into programs at four-year colleges and universities in communication studies or a foreign language. Developmental courses include four levels of English as a Second Language (ESL). The department offers courses in:

bullet Communication
bullet Digital Media
bullet Digital Video Production
bullet English as a Second Language
bullet Film
bullet Journalism
bullet French
bullet German
bullet Italian
bullet Spanish
bullet   Public Relations

bulletDegree Programs

Designed for Transfer (A.A.)

bullet Communications Studies
bulletCertificate Programs

Designed to Provide Specialized Expertise
bullet Events Planning/Meeting Management
bullet Digital Media/Film Studies

bulletFull-Time Faculty

bullet Sara Banfield
bullet Cheryl Bell
bullet Mark Bezanson
bullet Kevin Hinkle, Chair
bullet Ellen McArdle
bullet Laurie Reynolds
bullet Jacki Skole
bullet Beth Tremallo
bullet Richard (Bick) Treut
bullet Andrea Vaccaro
bullet Thomas Valasek
bullet Traci Schanewolf

bulletAdjunct Faculty

Foreign Languages
bullet Case, Rebecca (Spanish)
bullet Bengals, Emily (Spanish)
bullet Garcia, Maria (Spanish)
bullet Confalonieri, Giovanna
bullet Glicksman, Leah (Spanish)
bullet Lomax, Tracy (Spanish)
bullet Llano, Alfonso (Spanish)
bullet Noguera, Nathaly(Spanish)
bullet Schroeck, Peter (German)
bullet Rotolo, Giuseppe (Italian)
bullet Taono, Jeanette
bullet Zamora, Ricardo (Spanish)
Communication and Film
bullet Burrell,Dawn
bullet Cooper,Warren
bullet Dondasse, Marla
bullet Hathaway, Judy
bullet Hillard, Harry
bullet Kinebrew-Bosa, Carolyn
bullet LaMagna, Christy
bullet Lawyer, Russell
bullet McMillan, Clarence
English as a Second Language
bullet Bova,Susan
bullet Cabinda, Natalie
bullet Grewal, Maria
bullet Grieshaber, Jim
bullet Han, Jae
bullet Jerris, Kate
bullet Longshore, Marsha
bullet Mullen, Thomas
bullet Nieder, Mary
bullet Nuñez, Freddy
bullet Patterson, Simone
bullet   Phelps, Olga
bullet   Sazonova, Nelli
bullet   Sefchik, Diana
bullet   Tsuprun, Eugene
bullet   Wheeler, Doryce


bullet ESL Lab (English as Second Language)

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