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ENGL 112:  English Composition II

Curriculum Support Leader, Fall 2015-Spring 2016:  Andy Manno


Course Outline:

The course outline is the college's official statement about the core requirements of the course, including its grade determinants, educational goals and learning outcomes.  Its purpose is to explain the course requirements to faculty and to other colleges that need to know what the course officially covers in order to evaluate credits for transfer.

This is NOT the common syllabus that you distribute to your students.  Scroll down to the "Syllabi" section below to find the common syllabus template that you should use for constructing the syllabus that you hand out on the first day of class.

NOTE:  All textbooks in the course outlines are subject to change. Please see the "Textbooks" section below for the most current information about required texts.

ENGL 112 course outline (.pdf)




The required English Composition II textbook is:  James, Missy and Alan P. Merickel, eds.  Reading Literature and Writing Argument.  5th ed.  Boston: Pearson, 2013.  Print.  [publisher's site]

If you'd like to have a .pdf version of the Instructor's Guide for Reading Literature and Writing Argument, please email the Curriculum Support Leader for the course.  

Note about online resources:  English Composition II students using Reading Literature and Writing Argument are required to buy just the book, not the access code to the online resources, which is an additional cost.  If we determine that the online resources should be required for the students, we can make that change in a future semester. For the time being, we decided to save students the cost of the access code and require the book by itself.  However, even though students don’t have access, all instructors do have access to the online resources.  If you’re interested in using these resources, all you need to do is email the Pearson sales rep, Carlos Mercado, and ask for access. Make sure you include the name of the book in your email.




English Composition II Common Syllabus:

Updated for Fall 2015:  Instructors should use the departmental common syllabus for English Composition II (.docx) as a template for creating their own syllabus for the course.  It includes statements about important policies that students need to be aware of.  Instructors are free to choose which readings to assign from the required texts.


Sample Syllabi Based on the Recommended Syllabus:

Susan Arvay's syllabus from Fall 2013 using Reading Literature and Writing Argument (.docx)



Sample Out-of-Class Essay Assignments:

Note:  Since in-class essays are considered to be exams, sample in-class essay assignments are not posted here.  Faculty who would like to see sample in-class essay assignments should send their request to the Adjunct Liaison.


Recommended Essay Assignment Goals:

Instructors need to consider how the skills developed in eachessay assignment build upon the skills developed in the previousassignments.  The English department recommends thatinstructors incorporate this sequence of goals into their out-of-class essayassignments.


Sample Assignments Based on the Recommended Goals Using Reading Literature and Writing Argument:   

Susan Arvay, Fall 2013:

Essay 1 (.docx)

Essay 2 (.docx)

Essay 3 (.docx)

Essay 4 (.docx)


Barbara Bretcko, Fall 2013:

Essay 3 (short research essay) (.doc)

Model of a student essay #3 (.doc)

Essay 4 (long research essay) (.doc)



Sample Classroom Activities and Handouts:

Working Effectively with Text

Quote Integration, Susan Arvay (.docx)

Quote, Paraphrase, Summarize, Susan Arvay (.docx):  This handout explains when and how to quote, paraphrase, and summarize a source.

Framing Art with Literature, Susan Arvay (.docx):  This handout uses the material on pages 1067-1074 in Abcarian and Klotz ("Looking Deeper: From Art to Literature") to help students understand the concept of using one text as a "lens" or "frame" through which to analyze another.


Preparing to Write:  Gathering Ideas, Creating a Thesis, Organizing an Argument, etc.

Essay #2 Outline Worksheet, Charlie Bondhus (.doc)  (Here is the out-of-class essay assignment that the worksheet is based upon.)

Organizing Connections Between Texts, Susan Arvay (.docx)

Connection Worksheet, Susan Arvay (.docx)

Essay #3 Outline, Charlie Bondhus (.doc)

Coming Up with a Working Thesis, Charlie Bondhus (.doc)


Peer Workshop

Sample Peer Review Sheet for Essay #2, Susan Arvay (.docx)

Peer Review Worksheet, Charlie Bondhus (.doc)



Library information literacy session worksheet (.docx).  This is the worksheet that students in all sections of ECII should complete prior to their information literacy workshop at the library.  

 Connecting Research to Literature, Susan Arvay (.docx)

Comparison vs. Connection: Using Sources Effectively, Susan Arvay (.docx)

Sample Annotated Bibliography Entry, Susan Arvay (.docx)

How to Summarize Your Sources, Mary Saraco (.docx)



Gregory Corso reads his poem "Marriage":  This is an audio recording of Corso reading his poem before a live audience.  It really brings out the humor in the piece.  7 minutes long.


Outside Readings

The Process of Research Writing:  This is a web-based research writing textbook by Steven D. Krause at Eastern Michigan University.  The text hasn't been updated since 2007, so some of what it says about using the internet for research is a bit out of date, but it includes several other chapters on research writing skills that students need to practice.  You can use this to supplement class discussion of research writing strategies.

Writing Commons:  This is a peer-reviewed, open education resource for college-level writing classes.  It contains helpful primers on the writing process, style, collaboration, research, information literacy, and other topics.

The Official Site of "The Lawn Chair Pilot": This is the definitive site for background information on the "lawn chair pilot" who is memorialized in Cleary's poem "Burning Dreams on the Sun."  Includes photos of the flight!



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