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FAQ:  Employee Resources


Where is the adjunct office? What is the phone number? 

The office is located in room L021; it’s on the bottom floor at the front of the main building, the same level as the Welcome Desk and underneath the library level. From the Welcome Desk, go to the left. Go past the Testing Center (on your right) and keep going to the left. You can contact the main desk at x8488.  


Is there a campus directory? 

Yes!  It’s available on the web, or from within the Lion’s Den you can go to the MyFac tab and look for the “College Directory” link listed under “Quicklinks.” 


Is there a faculty handbook?

Yes! It's available online as a .pdf on the college's SharePoint site.  You may be prompted to log in if you are accessing this file from off campus.   For your user name, enter "rvcc\" (without the quotation marks) followed by your G-number.  For example:  rvcc\g00123456


How many credits may I teach in a semester at RVCC?

As of October 2013, adjuncts may teach no more than nine credits in any given semester.  The amount of work that's available will vary depending on our enrollment numbers.  There's typically more work to be had in the fall than in the spring, but the department can't guarantee how much work will be available in any given term.


How much will I get paid to teach at RVCC?

Please see Article XI-Salaries in the Adjunct Faculty contract for the current pay scale.


How are pay checks delivered?

All pay compensation for RVCC employees is made through direct deposit. Please contact Human Resources for the paperwork to set up direct deposit, or if you have any questions about your paychecks.


Where can I read the adjunct faculty contract?

Employee contracts are posted to the Human Resources "Bargaining Agreements" page.


Do adjuncts at RVCC have union representation?

Yes!  Please contact Maria DeFilippis, President of the RVCC Faculty Federation, for more information about adjunct representation in the faculty union.


Are there ranks for adjuncts?  What are the requirements for promotion?

There are four ranks of adjuncts:  Adjunct Instructor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, and Adjunct Professor.  An adjunct's rank is determined by the number of semesters that he or she has taught at RVCC.  Adjunct faculty who wish to be promoted need to complete the necessary paperwork by July 1 for promotion to take effect the following September; contact the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs (room C150, x8804) for the proper forms.  Please see the adjunct faculty contract (Article VII: Ranking and Promotion) for more information.





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