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FAQ:  Exams


Is there a standard midterm exam for any English course?  Is a midterm exam required?

No, there are no standard midterm exams for any English course. You can choose whether or not to give one.


Is there a standard final exam for any English courses?

ICRC I and ICRC II:  There are no final exams for either of these courses.

English Composition I:  Students in English Composition I and English Composition I with Workshop write a common final in-class essay on the last day of class (or on the last day of class in a computer lab for English Composition I with Workshop).  There is no exam given during the final exam period.   For the final in-class essay students write in response to a common prompt provided by the department using a set of readings also provided by the department.  You will get enough copies of the readings for every student in your courses; they'll be left in your mailbox in the Adjunct Office area the week before students write the final in-class essay.  

English Composition II:  You need to give a final exam for English Composition II.  There is no common final for the course.  The final that you give should be a timed essay in which students develop an argument grounded in connections between the readings that you assign for the exam.  Final exams in English Composition II are given during the college's final exam week; the Chair will notify faculty of the final exam schedule indicating where and when your exam will be given.  The final exam schedule can also be found in the Lion's Den.


Who grades the final in-class essay for English Composition I? 

You have full authority regarding your grades. However, the department conducts a holistic scoring session for the English Composition I final in-class essay which all English Composition I and English Composition I with Workshop instructors are highly encouraged to attend. This session will occur on the Reading Day after classes end and will provide you with valuable feedback. Details are announced later in the semester.


Who grades the final exam for English Composition II?

The instructor for the course determines the grades of his or her students' final exams.  There is no holistic scoring session for English Composition II finals.


How much time do students have to complete the final exam for English Composition II?

Two hours.


How do I find out when my final exams are scheduled?

The final exam schedule is posted in the Lion's Den.  Go to the FacAdmin tab and look for the set of links under “Faculty Tools.”  Toward the bottom of that list of links there should be a link to the final exam schedule for the current semester.

The department Chair will also send out an email with information about the final exam schedule when it becomes available.


Are final exams in the same room in which the class meets?

Usually they are, but instructors should carefully double-check the final exam schedule to confirm where their finals will take place. 




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