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FAQ:  Submitting Final Grades


How do I actually calculate a final grade? Is there a program I should use?

Faculty approach this in a variety of ways. Some assign point values to all letter grades, convert the letter grades into points, calculate the final grade based on the percentages those assignments are worth, and convert it back into a final letter grade. Some use a regular calculator for this, and some use an Excel spreadsheet. The Faculty Handbook lists the numerical equivalents of our letter grades based on a 4.0 scale. If you need help, contact the Adjunct Liaison or the Chair.


What is the difference between a D and an F as a final grade?

In English Composition I and English Composition II, a D is technically passing in terms of meeting RVCC's requirements.  However, a D will not transfer to other schools, so a student who wants to transfer would either need to retake it here or upon transfer.  An F is a failing grade, and a student who receives an F needs to retake the class.


Do I need to enter the date of last attendance when I submit final grades?

You need to enter the date of last attendance only for students who are getting a grade of "F." You don't need to enter this date for students who earn a passing grade for the course (D or better).

The date of last attendance is a crucial piece of information for determining how much financial aid a student can receive.  Please see the college's guidelines regarding date of last attendance (.docx) for more information.

If a student has NEVER attended your class but is still on your roster at the end of the term, please enter the first day of classes as the data of last attendance.  For the Spring 2013 semester, the first day of classes for full-term courses was January 22; the first day for late start classes was February 5. 

Please enter the date in the format that the system asks for: MM/DD/YYYY.  Otherwise your grades will be rejected and you'll see one of these error messages:

exclamation Your grade submissions have been rejected.

exclamation Last attendance date must be between section start date and section end date.


How do I figure out the date of last attendance for an online course?

For online courses, you should log the last date of academically related activity for the student in question.  Examples of academically related activity in online courses include:

  • Attending class via synchronous communication tools in WebStudy such as CourseLive and Big Blue Button
  • Taking an examination or quiz, tutorials, or computer assisted instruction (including instructional video, screen shares, YouTube videos, interactive simulation etc.)
  • Completing an academic paper or project
  • Participating in any online component whether or not said component requires a student submission (such as using the Presentation, Teams, and MyTutor tools in WebStudy)
  • Participating in a Teams or Group activity where attendance is recorded
  • Attending an assigned study group whether live or virtual
  • Participating in an online discussion
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to discuss the academic subject studied in the course. 

Logging into an online course without doing more does not constitute an academically related activity.


While entering grades, I see that there is a column that asks for amount of hours. What do I enter there?

You don’t need to put anything there. You only need to enter the course grade (and the last date of attendance for students who are getting an "F" for the course).


English Composition I with Workshop is technically two courses (ENGL 111 and ENGL 070). How do I submit final grades for EC I with Workshop?

You should have two final grade rosters for English Composition I with Workshop--one for ENGL 111 and one for ENGL 070. You need to assign a letter grade (A through F) on the roster for ENGL 111 and a grade of "Pass" or "Fail" on the roster for ENGL 070.  If a student earns a passing grade in ENGL 111 (a grade of D or better), then that student gets a "Pass" in ENGL 070. If a student earns an "F" in ENGL 111, then that student fails ENGL 070 as well.  Please do not give any letter grades for ENGL 070; assign only a "Pass" or "Fail" grade to students in that course.


When should I give a grade of "Incomplete"?

A grade of "Incomplete" should be reserved for a student who has a genuine personal situation that prevents him/her from completing the work of the course by the end of the semester (for example, a serious illness or family emergency). It should not be given in situations where a student has simply failed to hand in coursework on time and would like to have extra time after classes are over in which to complete the work. There needs to be a legitimate reason for not being able to complete the course work by the end of the term.


How do I give a grade of "Incomplete"?

When you submit final grades, give the student in question a final grade of "I."

The student will have up to four weeks to complete the work of the course. You should email the student to inform him or her about the work that needs to be completed and the deadline by which it needs to be completed.

If the student successfully completes the work and earns a passing grade for the course, the instructor must fill out a Change of Grade form and submit it to the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs (C150). This form is available online via the Lion's Den.  Go to the FacAdmin tab and look for the link to the form under "Faculty Tools."  The form is also available from the supply drawer in S341 or from the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

If the student does not complete the work or completes it but fails the course anyway, then the instructor doesn't need to fill out a Change of Grade form. The grade will automatically convert to an "F" after the four-week deadline has passed.


How do I submit final grades?

Note:  If you are teaching ICRC I or ICRC II, you'll be given instructions for submitting final grades by the developmental course coordinator.  The process is different from what is outlined below.  Use the steps below only for English Composition I (with and without Workshop) and for English Composition II.

1.  Log into the Lion's Den and go to the MyFac tab. 

2.  Look for the channel called “Faculty Dashboard.”  It displays a list of all of the classes you’re currently teaching.  Click on the name of course for which you want to submit final grades.

3.  You’re now looking at a page that tells you basic information about your course.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “Final Grades” in the menu across the bottom of the window.

4.  Choose a course from the drop-down menu that appears.  This will take you to a roster where you fill in the grades for the students in that course.

5. Fill in a letter grade for each student.  Remember to fill in the date of last attendance if the student is getting an “F” in the course.

6.  When you’ve filled in a grade for each student, click “Submit.”  Print the completed roster for your own records.


Alternate method--If for some reason the above method doesn't work, you can also get to your grade sheet this way:

1.  Log into the Lion's Den and go to the FacAdmin tab.

2.  Look for the channel called "My Info."  It should display a folder called RVCC-Self-Service.  Click on it.

3.  Within the RVCC Self-Service folder, click on "Faculty and Advisors," then "Final Grades." 

4.  Choose a course from the drop-down menu that appears. This will take you to a roster where you fill in the grades for the students in that course.

5. Fill in a letter grade for each student. Remember to fill in the date of last attendance if the student is getting an “F” in the course.

6. When you’ve filled in a grade for each student, click “Submit.” Print the completed roster for your own records.


How do I know that my grades were successfully submitted?

After you click on the "Submit" button, you should see the following message: "Grades have been successfully submitted.  Please print copy for your records."  If there are any errors in the information that you have submitted (for example, you accidentally entered a date of last attendance that falls outside the start and end dates of the semester), then you will see an error message that explains the error.  Please correct the error and resubmit your grades.


I submitted the wrong grade for a student.  How can I correct the error?

That depends on how soon you catch the error. If the final grades that you've submitted have not yet been "rolled" (i.e. processed by the registrar and made available to your students), then you can go through the same procedure for submitting final grades described above, correct the erroneous grade, and resubmit your final grades.

If your grades have been "rolled" by the time you catch the error, then you can't make any changes online.   (You'll know the grades have been rolled if the course in question is no longer displayed in your Faculty Dashboard.)  You'll need to fill out a paper "Change of Grade" form and submit it to the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. You can get this form from the top drawer of the supply cabinet in S341 or from the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs in C150.


What happens if I don't submit a grade for a student?

All students on the roster must be assigned a grade at the end of the semester.  If you do not give a student a final grade, then a grade of "incomplete" will be automatically given to that student.  If you do not submit final grades for your entire class, then all of the students in your class will receive a grade of "incomplete."  This will happen only after the Registrar has sent at least two notifications to you to submit final grades. 

In order for your students' grades to be changed from "incomplete" to a letter grade of A through F, you must fill out a Grade Change Request form and submit one for each student to the Dean of Academic Affairs.  After four weeks, grades of "incomplete" are converted to "F."

This scenario causes a lot of extra work for both you and the Registrar, and can cause problems for students who need to present final course grades to schools to which they hope to transfer.  Please make every effort to submit all of your final grades on time.


When do I submit final grades?

 They must be submitted within 48 hours of the final exam.


What paperwork do I need to submit at the end of the semester?

After submitting your grades online through the Lion’s Den, adjunct faculty also need to submit the following items to the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs in C150 by mail or in person within three weeks of the end of final exams: 

1.  A printed copy of your final grades submitted online

2. A copy of your grade book or spreadsheet

3. All graded student final exams

4. A copy of the final examination

5. A copy of the course syllabus

Please note:  If you are teaching an online class, you don't need to submit these materials because all of this information is available in WebStudy, which the administration can access if any issues arise.

If you have any questions about what to submit, please contact Patrice Marks, Dean of Academic Affairs, at pgmarks@raritanval.edu or at (908) 526-1200 x8804.



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