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FAQ:  Professional Requirements


What professional requirements are instructors in the English department expected to fulfill?

Our instructors are expected to:

  • Meet all scheduled class sessions in the scheduled location.
  • Begin and end class on time.
  • Distribute out-of-class essay assignments to your students in writing, not just verbally.
  • Return graded work to students within 2 weeks.
  • Use a grading rubric for out-of-class essays.
  • Check your RVCC email at least a few times a week, and use it for all RVCC-related correspondence.
  • Maintain attendance and grade records and submit them to the Dean of Academic Affairs at the end of each semester.


What should I do if I need to miss a class unexpectedly?

If you need to cancel a class, please be sure to do the following:

  • Contact Security (908-231-8800) and ask them to post a sign on your classroom door telling your students that class is canceled.  Tell Security the name of your course, the day, time, and location. Also indicate if you want a message on the sign like, “Students should read their email for instructions.”
  • Notify the Department Chair and Administrative Assistant (by email or phone) to let us know about your absence.
  • Email your students to announce the cancellation and to make arrangements regarding any work that will be missed.
  • The next time that you are on campus, you must complete a Faculty Absence Report and submit it to the Chair.


What should I do if I know in advance that I need to miss an upcoming class?

As soon as you know that you can't meet your class on a particular day, please notify the Department Chair.  You have two options for how to handle this situation:

Option 1:  Cancel that class meeting, but require your students to do work outside of class so they stay on schedule for the semester.  For example, you might give your students reading questions that they are required to discuss with each other via WebStudy or on your class page in the Lion's Den.  Remind your students that this is in lieu of a regular class meeting, so participation is required; lack of participation can count as an absence for that class.

Option 2:  Arrange for a sub to cover your class.  You'll need to provide in advance any handouts or other materials that you'd like the sub to use.  Please remember to give the sub a copy of your roster so he or she can take attendance.  If you find your own sub, you must tell the Chair what arrangements you've made.  If you don't know who to ask to sub for you, the Chair can put out a call for a sub to all of the department's adjunct faculty.  Adjuncts are compensated for their work as substitutes; the Chair handles all of the necessary paperwork for this.

Regardless of which option you choose, you must notify the Department Chair as soon as you know you need to miss a class.  The next time you are on campus, you'll also need to fill out a Faculty Absence Report and submit it to the Chair.


Are there any other recommended practices for composition instructors?

Make your syllabus and out-of-class essay assignments available to students electronically either on your RVCC website, Lion's Den, or WebStudy.

Submit all out-of-class essay assignments to the Academic Support Center so tutors can reference them if your students go there for help.


Are adjuncts required to hold office hours?

No. However, it can be helpful to students if you do.


I have graded work that my students never collected from me.  How long should I hold on to graded but unclaimed student work?

According to the RVCC Registrar, instructors should keep any graded but unclaimed student work for three years. Grade and attendance records should also be kept for three years.



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