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FAQ:  Scheduling and Classrooms


What if I would like my class to meet in a different classroom?

Contact the English Department Chair.  Classroom space is limited, but changes are sometimes possible.


Can I schedule a computer lab for a day or two during the semester?

Possibly.  It depends on which rooms are available at the time.  All such requests need to be made through the Department Chair


Would my class be able to meet one day in a regular classroom and one day in a computer lab?

If you make the request the previous semester or well before the current semester begins, it might be possible to do this, though lab space is tight. Contact the Chair about such a request.

What technology is available in the classrooms at RVCC?

See the Room Status page for an overview of what's installed in each of the classrooms at RVCC and at our Bridgewater site.




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