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FAQ:  Books, Supplies, and Copying


Where can I get the books for my course?

Roberta Harmon, the English Department Administrative Assistant, has copies of the required texts for all of our composition courses.  You can also get them from the department Chair.


Where can I get classroom and office supplies, like post-it notes, dry erase markers, and blue books?

Adjunct faculty can get office and classroom supplies from the Welcome Center on the basement level of Somerset Hall. 


Where can I make copies?

The Copy Center is located on the first floor of the College Center and is open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.until 8:00 p.m.  You can make copies there with the same code you use elsewhere. (Contact the Adjunct Liaison if you don't know the code.)  You can make copies yourself at the Copy Center, or you can email them or drop off a request for copies to be made if you allow enough time.  Copy requests can be sent via attachment to ccenter@raritanval.edu.   Be sure to include in your message your name, the department that you’re from and any specific instructions for your copying job. 

You can also make copies at the copier in the Adjunct Office (room L021).

As a last resort, adjuncts may make copies at either of the copy machines on the third floor of Somerset Hall.  However, these machines are not designed to handle heavy usage by everyone in the department, so adjuncts are requested to make their copies at either the Adjunct Office or the Copy Center if at all possible.


I teach a 7:00 a.m. class and need to use the Copy Center, but it's not open that early.  What do I do?

You'll need to plan ahead and make your copies the day before your class meets.  


I want to have the Copy Center make copies of my tests.  What security procedures are in place for copying tests?

For security reasons, tests cannot be picked up or dropped off at the Copy Center.  Tests should be emailed in advance to the Copy Center at ccenter@raritanval.edu.  You will receive an email when your tests are ready for pickup at the Testing Center (NOT the Copy Center), located in room L-029 (the lower level of the Library, near the Theater).  Tests will be available for pickup during the Testing Center’s hours of operation. 


I'd prefer to distribute supplemental materials to my class electronically rather than by making paper copies.  How can I do this?

You have four options:

  • Upload the materials to your class page in the Lion's Den
  • Upload the materials to your class in WebStudy
  • Post the materials to your faculty web page if you have one AND if the materials that you're posting are not protected by copyright (e.g. works in the public domain) or if you hold copyright to the material (e.g. photographs that you've taken, or works that you've written)
  • Ask the library to put together an electronic course pack for your class if the materials that you're distributing are copyrighted; please be aware of the deadlines for requesting course packs listed on the library's "Course Packs" info page.

Keep in mind that the majority of the reading that you assign must come from the required texts for the course.  You may supplement the required texts with outside readings, but students should be making enough use of the required texts to justify the purchase or rental price paid for the books.


What do I need to know about copyright when making copies or posting handouts online?

All faculty are expected to abide by U.S. copyright law.  Please see the RVCC Copyright Policy for the definition of "Fair Use" and detailed copyright guidelines.  Two other great resources for answering questions about copyright are the U.S. Copyright Office's FAQ page and the Copyright Office's Circular #21:  Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians (.pdf).




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