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FAQ:  Support Services


What library services are available for students and faculty?

The Evelyn S. Field Library, located on the first floor of the Library/Theater Building (attached to Somerset Hall), offers many services to RVCC and the surrounding communities—see the library web site for details.  Some of the services that you should be aware of include:

Be sure to explore the "Faculty/Staff" menu and the "Student" menu on the library's home page for a complete list of current resources available to you and your students.


Is a library instruction session required for any classes?

Yes.  English Composition I, English Composition I with Workshop, and English Composition II all require a library instruction session, held during your class’s regular meeting time, to help prepare students to write their research-based papers.  These sessions are held in the library’s computer lab and are led by a librarian who will introduce students to the resources available to them through the library.  Instructors are expected to remain with their class while it is having its library instruction session.

Instructors should schedule a library instruction session as soon as they know when they would like it to be held—you can even schedule a session before the semester begins.  Remember, there are a lot of sections of these three courses, so your preferred day/time may not be available if you wait until the last minute to book it. 

The library does not offer information literacy sessions for classes that meet at 7:00 a.m.  If your class meets at 7:00 a.m., your students will need to fulfill this requirement by doing the online research tutorials used by online composition courses.


What tutoring services are available for students?

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides free drop-in tutoring for a wide variety of subjects, including composition classes.  Tutoring is available both in S020 and online, as well as at our satellite site in Bridgewater.  Please inform your students of this great resource on your syllabus and remind them of it in class.  You may also arrange a "class trip" to the ASC to introduce your students to what they have to offer; just contact the ASC for details. 

The ASC also has software to help students with their typing skills.  Students may drop in anytime to use this software.  


What is the Testing Center?

The Testing Center, located in L-029 (the lower level of the Library/Theater Building to the left of the Welcome Center), provides a variety of testing services, such as placement tests and make-up exams.  If a student needs to make up any graded, timed writing, such as an exam or an in-class essay, you should leave a copy of the exam or essay prompt at the Testing Center for the student to complete by the deadline you specify.  Please remind the student that he or she must bring a photo ID to the Testing Center.  If the student is allowed to use any books or other materials for the exam or essay, be sure to state this on the Testing Center cover sheet (see below), and remind your student to bring whatever materials he or she is allowed to use.  The Testing Center does not have extra copies of any books on hand to lend to students.

If you have a student who is entitled to extra time on exams because of a disability, you must offer the student the option to do any in-class essays as well as exams at the Testing Center so he or she may have extra time to complete the assignment.  Please see our FAQ on Students for more information.


What accommodations are available for students with physical or learning disabilities?

The Office of Disability Services handles all requests for student accommodations.  Any student who requests accommodations from you for a disability must present you with an official ADA letter from this office. The letter will specify the accommodations to which the student is entitled.  Faculty are not obliged to provide accommodations without written documentation from this office. 

If you have a student who presents you with a letter from Disability Services stating that he or she is entitled to extra time on exams, then you must give the student the choice to write any in-class essays as well as any exams at the Testing Center.  Some students may choose to do their in-class essays and exams with the rest of the class instead of at the Testing Center.  That’s OK—students are entitled to the accommodations listed on the official letter, but may choose not to use all of them.  This choice, however, must be made by the student, not by the instructor.

Be sure to note on the Testing Center cover sheet the amount of time the student is allowed for the essay or exam.  Faculty may provide extra time on in-class essays or exams only if the student has provided them with a letter from the Office of Disability Services.

If you have a student who presents you with a letter from Disability Services stating that he or she is entitled to a note taker, ask the student if he or she wants to use that accommodation.  Many students choose to take their own notes even if they have this accommodation.  If the student would like for a note taker to be arranged, then you should send an email to the students in your class saying that the Office of Disability Services needs a volunteer note taker for your class.  Do not identify the student who needs the note taker.  In the email, tell your class that the volunteer can get service learning credit for taking notes for the semester and bringing those notes to the Office of Disability Services after every class.  (The student with the accommodation will pick up the notes from that office.)  Interested volunteers need to talk with the Office of Disability Services to make the necessary arrangements.   

Faculty should be familiar with their rights and responsibilities regarding compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (.pdf).   Any questions about accommodations should be directed to the Office of Disability Services.



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