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What is the Lion’s Den?

The Lion’s Den is RVCC’s intranet for current faculty, staff and students.  In addition to providing general news and announcements to the college community, it also offers useful tools to students (e.g. register for classes, check a term bill) and faculty (e.g.  access your rosters, submit final grades).  Only persons with a current G-number and password can sign in to the Lion’s Den.  If you are a new hire and do not yet have a G-number, please contact Human Resources for assistance.


How do I access my RVCC email?

The college is currently migrating all faculty, staff and students to a new email system, Office 365.  Please see "An Introduction to Email at RVCC" for everything you need to know about accessing your email.  


How can I email my whole class at once?

Log into the Lion’s Den.  On the myFac tab look for “My Courses” and click on the “Click here to” link.  This takes you to a page that lists all of the courses you’re teaching.  Click on the course whose students who wish to email.  This will take you to that course’s home page in the Lion’s Den.  Look in the left-hand menu under “Course Tools” and click on the “E-mail” link.  This will open a window with all of your students’ names.  Click “Select All” (or click the checkbox at the very top of the list of student names) and then “Send Email.”  This will open up a window where you’ll compose your email.  Type it and click “Send.”  You can include an attachment if needed.


How do I show videos in my classroom?

The library has a variety of videos that can be checked out. They can be found in the online library catalog on the library's web site. Check to see if your classroom has audio/visual equipment (most likely in the form of a computer at the front of the room, with a DVD player in it, a projector on the ceiling, and a screen at the front).  Directions for using the built-in computer (with DVD) system are usually available in each CATT room.  You need to turn on the touch pad, boot up the computer, turn on the projector (via the touch pad), etc. If your classroom is not equipped with a DVD player (they are in the computers in the CATT rooms), you can place a request that a TV and DVD player be brought to your class.


Is there a tutorial for how to use the equipment in a CATT room (i.e. "smart" classroom)?

Yes!  You can download and view a PowerPoint tutorial (.ppt) that will introduce you to the tools available to you in a CATT room.  (The file is 4.3 MB in size; please be patient if you're on a slower connection.)


Can I monitor what students are doing on the computers in the classroom?

Yes!  The instructor's computer in each CATT room has NetOp installed.  This program allows you to see what each student is doing on the classroom computers, which can be a good way to check for students who are drifting "off task" during class.  It also offers many other useful tools, including the ability to remotely control the students' computers, block internet access, and project a student's computer screen to the front of the room.  You can refer to this quick guide (.pdf) on launching NetOp, or you can find more detailed user's guides on the NetOp web site.  (Look for the product called "NetOp School.")

NEW:  See this illustrated step-by-step guide (.pdf) for instructions on how to block internet access to the labs using NetOp. 


I can't log into the instructor's computer with my G-number and password.  What's wrong?

Here are a few possibilities:

1.)  Your password may have expired.  If the computer is prompting you to update your password, just follow the prompts and you ought to be able to log in.

2.)  If you're getting the error message, "There are no login servers available to service the request," then check to see if the Ethernet cable on the instructor's computer has come loose at either end.

3.)  The computer may be misconfigured.  Check to see that it’s trying to log you into the “RVCC” domain.  Look just below the field where you type your G-number on the log-in screen—it should say something like “Log into RVCC.”  If the computer isn’t configured properly, it may be trying to log you into the “Academic” domain instead.  That’s the system that students log into; it only recognizes student G-numbers, so any attempt to log into “Academic” with a faculty G-number will always fail. 

If the system is trying to log you into the “Academic” domain by mistake, just type “rvcc\” (without the quotation marks) before your G-number.  For example:  rvcc\g00123456

Make sure to use the back slash (\), not the forward slash (/).

This will tell the system to switch to the RVCC domain.  You should be able to log in now.  This will work on any computer on campus that’s configured for the “Academic” domain.

If all else fails, call RVCC Tech Services for help at x7887.  It's a good idea to add their number to your phone's contact list for technological emergencies like this.


Which learning management system (LMS) does RVCC use?

The college uses WebStudy as its LMS for all online and hybrid classes.  You can log into WebStudy either by going directly to the WebStudy site for RVCC or by clicking on the WebStudy channel on the myFac page in the Lion's Den

There's also a mobile app for WebStudy available via Google Play and iTunes.    

Training sessions in WebStudy are available; please check for updates to the workshop schedule.  


I can't log into WebStudy with my G# and password.  What's wrong?

Your password for WebStudy is NOT the same as the password that you use for logging into the college's network.  It's a totally separate password.  If you've never logged into WebStudy before, you need to contact the Tech Services Help Desk to find out what your initial password is.  (You can change it later to be whatever you want it to be.)  You can reach the Help Desk at extension x7887 or at helpdesk@raritanval.edu.  


Can I use WebStudy if I’m teaching a face-to-face class?

Yes!  Several faculty use WebStudy tools to enhance their face-to-face classes.  For example, you can use the Gradebook tool to help students keep track of their course grades, or use WebStudy to have students submit assignments to you electronically.  Just tell Lonny Buinis or Holly Smythe, RVCC's Instructional Designers, before the start of the semester that you would like to use WebStudy in your face-to-face class.  Lonny and Holly reach out to faculty by email prior to the start of each semester to find out who would like to have WebStudy available in their face-to-face classes.  


How do I put my syllabus and other materials (like essay assignments) online for my students?

It's really important to put your syllabus and major essay assignments online so students can have access to them any time.  For example, if a student goes to the Academic Support Center to work on an essay assignment and the student doesn't bring it, he or she can log in and access it.  

If you're not using WebStudy in your course, then you should post your syllabus and assignments to the Lion's Den.  To post assignments to the Lion’s Den, go to the myFac tab, look for “My Courses” and click on the “Click here to” link.  This takes you to a page that lists all of the courses you’re teaching.  Click on the course for which you want to post an assignment.  This will take you to that course’s home page in the Lion’s Den.  Only the students enrolled in that course can access the handouts you post here.  You can put up announcements, message board topics, etc.  In order to upload your syllabus and assignments, click on “Manage Files” in the left-hand menu.  Then browse for the file on your computer and upload it. 

If you're using WebStudy, then you should post your syllabus and assignments there.  Please see the help files for instructors in WebStudy if you need assistance with this.  You can find them near the bottom right of the Events Summary Page (the first page you see after you log into WebStudy).


Who do I contact if I have problems with a computer/printer/my email account?

RVTS (RVCC Technology Services, formerly known as "MIS") is the office where you’ll find the tech support people at RVCC.  You can reach them at extension x7887 or at helpdesk@raritanval.edu.  If you’d prefer to talk to someone in person, you can visit the Technology Services helpdesk in Somerset S118 or in West W206.  They also have lots of "getting started" and "getting help" resources on their web site that may answer some of your questions about using RVCC’s technology resources.


How can I connect my personal laptop/smart phone/tablet to the campus WiFi?

You’ll need to go to a Technology Services helpdesk (S118 or W206) and fill out a Wireless Access User Agreement.   After your User Agreement is processed (usually in a couple of days), you’ll be given a password for logging into the campus WiFi. 



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