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ENGL 050:  Introduction to College Reading and Composition I (ICRC I)

Curriculum Support Leader, Fall 2015-Spring 2016:  Gwen Kane


Course outline:

The course outline is the college's official statement about the core requirements of the course, including its grade determinants, educational goals and learning outcomes.  Its purpose is to explain the course requirements to faculty and to other colleges that need to know what the course officially covers in order to evaluate credits for transfer.

This is NOT the common syllabus that you distribute to your students.  Scroll down to the "Syllabi" section below to find the common syllabus template that you should use for constructing the syllabus that you hand out on the first day of class.

NOTE:  All textbooks in the course outlines are subject to change. Please see the "Textbooks" section below for the most current information about required texts.

ICRC I course outline (.pdf)




The required texts for ICRC I are:

  • Joy, Anna. We Are America. 6th ed. Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2008 [publisher's site]
  • Senna, Danzy.  Where Did You Sleep Last Night?: A Personal History.  New York: Picador, 2009 [publisher's site]




Updated for Fall 2015:  Instructors should use the ICRC I recommended syllabus (.docx) as a template for creating their own syllabus for the course.  It includes statements about important policies that students need to be aware of.  Instructor are free to choose which readings to assign from the required anthology (We Are America); all instructors must assign Where Did You Sleep Last Night?: A Personal History.



Sample Out-of-Class Essay Assignments:

Note:  Since in-class essays are considered to be exams, sample in-class essay assignments are not posted here.  Faculty who would like to see sample in-class essay assignments should send their request to the Adjunct Liaison.


Gwen Kane, Fall 2011

Out-of-class essay #1 on Wong (.docx)

Out-of-class essay #3 on McBride and Baker, or McBride and Rodriguez (.docx)


Alexa Offenhauer, Fall 2011

Out-of-class essay #1 on Thornburgh (.doc)

Out-of-class essay #2 on McBride and Staples (.doc)

Out-of-class essay #3 on McBride and Hwang (.doc)



Sample Classroom Activities and Handouts:

Grading Rubrics

Sample grading rubric, Alexa Offenhauer (.doc)

Critical Reading

Reading questions for Rodriguez, Gwen Kane (.docx)

Reading questions for Staples, Gwen Kane (.docx)

Reading questions for Wong, Gwen Kane (.docx)


Preparing to Write: Gathering Ideas, Creating a Thesis, Organizing an Argument, etc.

Exercise on making connections between McBride and Ashe, Gwen Kane (.docx)

Brainstorming to prepare for out-of-class essay #1 on Wong, Gwen Kane (.docx)

Essay outline worksheet for organizing an argument, Natalie Aleman (.doc)




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