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English Department Curriculum Support Leader Program
Raritan Valley Community College

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015


The Curriculum Support Leader Program will work the same way this year as it did last year.  As always, the department's Chair and Adjunct Liaison value your feedback.  

This year's Curriculum Support Leaders are:




Required for everyone:

  • Please submit your syllabus by Wednesday, August 27, 2014:
    • We will continue to collect and review syllabi since that helps to maintain the consistency and integrity of the courses.  Please email your syllabus to your Curriculum Support Leader by Wednesday, August 27 so that you can make any necessary changes by the first day of classes, September 3. (The Curriculum Support Leader will only use the syllabus checklist for the new adjuncts.)

 Required for new adjuncts and for adjuncts who have taught for us before but are returning after an absence from the college; optional for experienced adjuncts who taught for us last year:

  • If you're teaching a course you have never taught at RVCC or if you have taught for us before but are returning after an absence from the college (one that's long enough so that you need to reactivate your employee status with HR), we want to be able to give you feedback on your assignments before you submit them to your students. Please email your out-of-class and in-class essay assignments to your Curriculum Support Leader two weeks before you want to distribute them to the students so that your Curriculum Support Leader can give you feedback using the assignment checklist.
  • If you have taught the course before, but you'd like feedback on an assignment, you have the option of sending it to your Curriculum Support Leader.
  • In-person meetings:
    • Curriculum Support Leaders will run two informal adjunct meetings for their specific courses before the first day of classes (September 3). This will be a great opportunity to discuss any course-related concerns as well as any syllabus-related or assignment-related concerns. New adjuncts and adjuncts returning after an absence are required to attend one meeting (or schedule another time to meet with the Curriculum Support Leader before classes begin). This meeting is optional for experienced adjuncts who have not had a substantial break from the RVCC classroom. Curriculum Support Leaders will reach out to their adjuncts one-third of the way through the semester (in early October) to see if anyone would like to meet about assignments or other course-related issues. Depending on the interest level, a group meeting can be scheduled, or individual meetings can be scheduled. Curriculum Support Leaders will reach out to their adjuncts again with the same offer two-thirds of the way through the semester (in mid-November). These meetings are required for new adjuncts and optional for experienced adjuncts.  

Optional for everyone

  • We urge you to continue to share your "best practices" for our website. We will always make sure you are credited. This shouldn't be an essay assignment. Instead, submit an activity or lesson plan or description of something that worked effectively. The format is up to you.

 Future scheduling

  • Adjunct faculty who participate in the required aspects of this program will receive priority scheduling for future semesters.




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