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Information for Adjuncts Teaching at Bound Brook and Bridgewater


Bound Brook High School

Convenient parking is available on the streets in front of and behind the school and on most of the side streets. There is a small parking lot in the back of the school but because the cars of the daytime staff can easily get blocked in when it fills up and because there are often high school events in the evening, RVCC staff and students should park on the streets instead.

Students must sign in with the front door monitor each time they come to class. When they leave the building after class, they will need to check out as well. These procedures are in addition to whatever attendance you take in class. Moreover, when you give your class a break, please tell them not to leave the building, since, by opening the outside door, they create a potential security violation. The High School administration is very careful about security, and we should respect that concern.

We do not have access to a copier at the High School, so you will need to arrange copying ahead of time.

There are no rest rooms on the 100 level of the High School where your classes will meet. The bathrooms are upstairs, on the 200 level, and on the basement level.

 Bound Brook H.S.:  111 West Union Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ 08805

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There is a student lounge that instructors can use to meet with students outside of class.  The room is also used for tutoring, but is large enough to accommodate a meeting even if tutoring is going on at the same time.

The lounge has four computers that instructors may use if they aren’t being used in a tutoring session.

There is a copier available at the Bridgewater campus, but instructors are encouraged to send copy jobs to the Copy Center on the main RVCC campus, especially if the handouts to be copied are large. 

Classrooms:  B108 and B200 are not computer labs; B210 is a computer lab.

You can ask one of the RVCC librarians to visit your class at Bridgewater to provide the required information literacy instruction for your class.  Ideally, the session will occur on a day when the class is meeting in a computer room; at the very least, the librarian will need access to an instructor's computer and projector.  Please use the information literacy session request form on the library's web site to schedule your session.  Make sure to clearly note on the form that your class meets at Bridgewater.

If you have any other questions about resources on the Bridgewater campus, please contact Jacki Belin, Dean of College Advancement (phone:  908-526-1200 x8205).

Tutoring Services available at Bridgewater (.pdf) updated Fall 2014


Bridgewater Campus:  14 Vogt Drive, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

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