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English Department SharePoint Information


How to Get Into SharePoint

RVHub-English:  This is the English department's SharePoint site.  If you are on-campus, you ought to be able to click on the link and go straight into SharePoint.  If you are off-campus, you will need to enter your RVCC login credentials to access SharePoint.  Follow the directions below if you are off-campus:

When you are asked for your user name, enter "rvcc\" (without the quotation marks) before your G-number.  For example, if your G-number were G00123456, then you would enter the following:  rvcc\g00123456

Make sure to use the back-slash (\) before your G-number, not the forward-slash (/).  If you use the forward-slash, your login will fail.

Your password for SharePoint is the same password you use with your G-number for all other RVCC logins (Windows, Lion's Den, etc.).


Department Meeting Minutes

English faculty should upload department meeting minutes to the Dept Meeting Minutes library.  Please use these step-by-step, illustrated directions (pdf) if you aren't familiar with how to do this.  (If you know how to upload files into WebStudy or Google Drive, then you already have the basic idea of how to upload files to SharePoint.)



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